• An Arbitrator

    | Jan 26, 2024
    Job longs for an arbitrator who could serve as his go-between, communicating with this mighty and holy God. He's wishing for one who could argue his case. Job would love to present his case in God's court, but he doesn't have a mediator.
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  • Now I Know

    | Jan 25, 2024
    There are times when others' words only make our troubles worse. That may seem too elementary to mention, so why would I? Well, have you learned it? Are you still listening to everybody? If so, it's small wonder that you're confused.
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  • Good and Bad Advice

    | Jan 24, 2024
    Every person reading this chapter has been the recipient of bad advice. You listened as someone gave it to you. You followed the counsel you received and then suffered the consequences.
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  • Expressing Grief

    | Jan 23, 2024
    There are days too dark for the sufferer to see light. That's where Job is as we end this chapter. Unfortunately, his so-called friends will not bring him any relief. Like Job, you may not have seen light for a long time either.
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  • Words of Comfort

    | Jan 22, 2024
    In the early 1960s when a Christian suffered from a depression that resulted in Job's kind of thinking and candid admission, you never said so publicly. You swallowed your sorrow.
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  • Raw Reality

    | Jan 21, 2024
    If Job's story were made into a movie and your family had rented it for tonight, when you came to this part of the story you'd fast-forward; you wouldn't want your children to watch. It's not only unedited, it's raw and borderline heretical!
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  • God's Presence in Suffering

    | Jan 20, 2024
    The book of Job is not only a witness to the dignity of suffering and God's presence in our suffering, but it's also our primary biblical protest against religion that has been reduced to explanations or "answers."
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  • Without Asking

    | Jan 19, 2024
    Friends care enough to come without being asked to come. No one sent a message saying to Eliphaz and Bildad and Zophar, "Would you please come and bring a little sympathy and comfort for Job?
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  • Complete Acceptance

    | Jan 18, 2024
    Because we've lived with our wives over the years and have become extremely comfortable around them, we tend to be unguarded in our words. Wives usually get the brunt of our worst words.
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  • Truth Spoken in Love

    | Jan 17, 2024
    I'm impressed that Job listened to the words of his wife. He pondered them, he considered them, he turned them over in his mind. He neither misunderstood nor ignored her. He heard what she said.
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  • Wait and Watch

    | Jan 16, 2024
    Job's response to his wife's suggestion that he curse God and die is magnificent. "You speak as one of the foolish women speaks" (Job 2:10). Hats off to the old patriarch!
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  • A Plea for Understanding

    | Jan 15, 2024
    I want to confess that for too long in my ministry I took unfair advantage of Job's wife, especially since she was not present to defend herself. I think it was probably due to immaturity on my part.
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  • Round One

    | Jan 14, 2024
    When bad things happen, they often happen to the wrong person. And when that occurs, we're always left with that haunting question, "Why?" Somewhere in all of this, there is room for the story of Job.
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  • Hold Everything Loosely

    | Jan 13, 2024
    Without realizing it, by worshiping God during his woes, Job is saying, "In your face, Lucifer! I never set my affections on these things in the first place.
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  • On Loan

    | Jan 12, 2024
    With Job facedown in worship to God, the only one cursing is Satan. He hated it! He resented Job's response! Of all things, the man still worships his God—the One who would allow these catastrophes to happen.
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  • Humble Submission

    | Jan 11, 2024
    Perhaps Job lay under the stars until he was wet from the dew. Finally, he spoke. And when he did, what a remarkable response! Verse 20 comprises nine words in the Hebrew text.
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  • Necessary Consequences

    | Jan 10, 2024
    There is a plan that we explore which we will not understand, but it is best. Though each segment of it may not seem fair or pleasant, it works together for good. The disease Job endured wasn't good in and of itself. Hardly!
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  • Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

    | Jan 09, 2024
    Without Job's knowing it, a dialogue took place in the invisible world. As the Lord and Satan had their strange encounter, the subject quickly turned to this well-known earthly man. The Lord calls Satan's attention to Job's exemplary life.
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  • The Unseen Enemy

    | Jan 08, 2024
    Job does not deserve even the suggestion of mistreatment. He has walked faithfully with God, certainly in his adult years. He is now the best of the best, "greatest of all the men of the east." On top of all that, he is a humble servant of God.
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  • The Accuser

    | Jan 07, 2024
    Verses 1 to 5 are full of good news, wonderful blessing, business integrity, purity of heart, faithfulness of life. The man is spiritually mature, domestically diligent, and professionally respected.
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Let Go and Let God

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