• Invincible

    | Feb 21, 2020
    God answered Elijah's prayer. This not only brought fire, but far more importantly, it turned the hearts of the people back to God. It also rid the land of the prophets of Baal.
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  • Prayer of Faith

    | Feb 20, 2020
    Isn't it amazing how often people try everything but prayer? It's like the old saying: "When everything else fails, read the instructions." The same with prayer. When everything else fails, try prayer. "Okay, okay . . . maybe we should pray about it."
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  • Divided Allegiance

    | Feb 19, 2020
    Divided allegiance is as wrong as open idolatry. "How long will you hesitate between two opinions?" Elijah asks the people of Israel. The easiest thing to do when you are outnumbered or overwhelmed is to remain in that mediocre state of noncommitment.
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  • No Doubt

    | Feb 18, 2020
    In the first verse in 1 Kings 18, there is an eloquent phrase: "The word of the LORD came to Elijah in the third year." Three years! That's an incredibly long time to go without rain. We can't imagine it, can we?
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  • The God of Impossibilities

    | Feb 17, 2020
    All over this world, around us every day, are people who are looking for the truth to be lived out in the lives of those who claim it. Just as the widow watched Elijah, there are people watching you.
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  • Faith Personified

    | Feb 16, 2020
    When the woman saw that her son was alive, she didn't see Elijah. She saw the Lord. "Elijah, I've heard you talk about the God of heaven. I've heard you refer to Him in various ways. But now, when I look at this miracle, I know that you speak the truth."
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  • A Humble Servant

    | Feb 15, 2020
    No words can describe what happened in that little upstairs bedroom when the corpse began to stir and Elijah saw life returning to the boy's body. No words can describe being in the midst of such a trial . . .
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  • All Your Heart

    | Feb 14, 2020
    That was some prayer. Elijah was not able to say, "Let this child's life return to him, as it happened to Enoch, as it happened to Isaac, as it happened to Moses," because there was no precedence for this particular miracle.
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  • Alone with God

    | Feb 13, 2020
    Now wait a minute. What is going on here? Up to this point in Scripture, there has been no account of anyone ever being raised from the dead. The closest to that would be Enoch, but he was not resurrected or resuscitated.
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  • When Tragedy Strikes

    | Feb 12, 2020
    I'm deeply impressed by the man's gentleness. Though Elijah deserved none of the woman's blame, he stood silent under her blast. That's gentleness. Someone, somewhere, has called this fruit of the Spirit "the mint-mark of heaven."
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  • Confident in the Lord's Power

    | Feb 11, 2020
    She stands there, tears streaming down her face, holding the body of her son in her arms. And at that precise moment, Elijah holds out his arms and says, "Give him to me."
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  • Incredible Associations

    | Feb 10, 2020
    Elijah had walked into a situation that was, from all human perspective, impossible. But the good news is that he saw beyond the difficulty. He handled the problem with faith, not fear.
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  • Crucible for Christ

    | Feb 09, 2020
    As we did earlier, let's first examine the significance of the name of this place where the prophet was told to go. Zarephath comes from a Hebrew verb that means "to melt, to smelt." Interestingly, in noun form it means "crucible."
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  • Our Obstacle Course

    | Feb 08, 2020
    Part of every boot camp experience is the grueling, grinding, and sometimes daunting obstacle course. It is neither fun nor easy, but its demanding discipline prepares the recruit for whatever situations he or she may face.
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  • Tough Spots

    | Feb 06, 2020
    Elijah was in a tough spot. A life-threatening spot. The brook had dried up. Had God forgotten His faithful servant? Has God forgotten you? Has He left you all alone? The God who gives water can also withhold water.
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  • The Brook Has Dried Up

    | Feb 05, 2020
    One morning Elijah noticed that the brook wasn't gushing over the rocks or running as freely as it had in days past. Since that single stream of water was his lifeline, he checked it carefully.
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  • God's Provisions

    | Feb 04, 2020
    The ravens were God's catering service, delivering provisions to His prophet. "The ravens will bring in your food, Elijah." Isn't that incredible? God makes provision for Elijah's physical welfare during this time of seclusion.
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  • A Step at a Time

    | Feb 03, 2020
    God's direction includes God's provision. God says, "Go to the brook. I will provide." Vance Havner, in his book, It Is Toward Evening, tells the story of a group of farmers who were raising cotton in the Deep South.
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  • Into the Shadows

    | Feb 02, 2020
    Any recruit who has been through boot camp can tell you that every hour of the day someone is ordering you where to go, when to be there, what to do, and how to survive. That's a vital part of basic training.
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  • From Hurt to Usefulness

    | Feb 01, 2020
    As we read those words and try to imagine the original setting, we begin to see the surprising nature of God's plan. The most logical arrangement, seemingly, would be to keep Elijah in the king's face.
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