• Accepting God's Plan

    | Feb 11, 2024
    David, in Psalm 139, makes the appropriate comment, "Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is too high, I cannot attain to it" (v. 6). If David lived today, he would write, "This blows my mind."
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  • Grace Under Pressure

    | Feb 10, 2024
    We could go all the way through this list to the end. There are wrongs, there are failures, and there are injustices. There were robberies and sexual sins and hidden wrongs done in the dark. And where is God? He is permitting it. Why?
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  • God Will Reward

    | Feb 09, 2024
    Back when Job's body was covered with sores, when his friends were still against him, when he was bankrupt and sitting in a garbage dump at the outskirts of the city, Job had the temerity to say, "But He knows the way I take."
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  • His Purpose

    | Feb 08, 2024
    Job struggles, finally admitting his frustration: he cannot find God. Ever been there? Of course. All of us have! There are days we search in vain for some visible evidence of the living God.
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  • Demonstrating Class

    | Feb 07, 2024
    As we get to chapters 23 and 24 of Job, we observe three calm, vulnerable responses from him. Take the time to read through these two chapters—they're magnificent!
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  • Harsh but Realistic

    | Feb 06, 2024
    While speaking the truth Job left the defense of his own character in the Lord's hands. He was firm and deliberate, but he remained in control. I repeat, I understand what it's like to be unjustly maligned.
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  • Stay with the Truth

    | Feb 05, 2024
    Chances are good that many of you who are reading these lines are currently the target of someone's lying accusations. That can be an anguishing cross to bear. I've been there, so I speak from painful experience.
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  • Silencing Lies

    | Feb 04, 2024
    Let's fast-forward momentarily and face the music. Some of you who are reading these words have awfully sharp tongues. You say things that cut, but you couch your words in phrases that sound pious and even eloquent.
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  • A Context of Pain

    | Feb 03, 2024
    There is nothing like hope in the truth to clarify perspective and keep you going. Enduring a painful journey can be done a lot more easily if you embrace truth as your traveling companion.
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  • Job's Longing

    | Feb 02, 2024
    Job longed for his words of woe to be etched into granite so that people through time could enter into all the things he was enduring. He thought his words would be forgotten. He had no idea that his words would survive him.
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  • A Lot of Grace

    | Feb 01, 2024
    You know why I love the Bible? Because it's so real. There's a lot of fog rolling into Job's life, just as in our lives. On this earth nobody "lives happily ever after." That line is a huge fairy tale. You're living in a dream world if you're waiting for things to be "happy ever after."
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  • Needed Grace

    | Jan 31, 2024
    "That's it, Job! It's your arrogance!" Eliphaz backs away and stares at him with that glare, saying, again, "You are getting exactly what you deserve!" The style of communication Eliphaz employs is not that unusual to those who lack grace.
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  • A Disappointing Discovery

    | Jan 30, 2024
    Will it be well when God examines your life, or will it be a disappointing discovery? I can't speak for you because I have no idea. . . . Is that going to be a disappointing discovery, or will it be well with you?
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  • God Is in Control

    | Jan 29, 2024
    Frankly, I admire Job's guts. I'm pleased he doesn't cave in and say, "Well, maybe you're right, Zophar. You sound like those other two guys, so I'm not going to disagree and fight you on this." No way!
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  • Skimming the Surface

    | Jan 28, 2024
    Are you seeking to know the depths of God, or are you just skimming the surface? Only you know the answer. Our current culture is so busy we can become proficient at faking it.
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  • Futile Searches

    | Jan 27, 2024
    Job is still struggling. Eliphaz left him cold. He has received neither comfort nor insight from Bildad. He has no mediator to present his case; therefore, he is very candid. Matter of fact, he's returning to questions he asked earlier.
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  • An Arbitrator

    | Jan 26, 2024
    Job longs for an arbitrator who could serve as his go-between, communicating with this mighty and holy God. He's wishing for one who could argue his case. Job would love to present his case in God's court, but he doesn't have a mediator.
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  • Now I Know

    | Jan 25, 2024
    There are times when others' words only make our troubles worse. That may seem too elementary to mention, so why would I? Well, have you learned it? Are you still listening to everybody? If so, it's small wonder that you're confused.
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  • Good and Bad Advice

    | Jan 24, 2024
    Every person reading this chapter has been the recipient of bad advice. You listened as someone gave it to you. You followed the counsel you received and then suffered the consequences.
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  • Expressing Grief

    | Jan 23, 2024
    There are days too dark for the sufferer to see light. That's where Job is as we end this chapter. Unfortunately, his so-called friends will not bring him any relief. Like Job, you may not have seen light for a long time either.
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