My Hope for You in 2024

Dear Friend:

Have you ever been betrayed?

If so, I understand. I, too, have felt its sting. Those were rough days with emotions swarming like a hurricane. Shock. Sorrow. Anger. Disappointment. Confusion. Plus, all the tears.

Jesus, too, knew the sting of betrayal.

His came in a garden with a kiss.

How it must have grieved Him! But Jesus’ grief was not for Himself . . . it was for sin . . . it was for His disciple’s tragic fall. Twice that day, Jesus warned Judas. Twice, Jesus tried to bring him back to his senses. First, at supper. Then, just before the kiss. But, twice, Judas refused and finished his plan. Jesus was arrested.

Tough thoughts.

Yet, they’re as important as they are relevant.

The great Charles Spurgeon wisely advised: “Be not surprised when men fail you.”

Evil can lure people to commit the most hurtful and senseless acts. It’s always possible on this side of heaven.

Even so, Jesus never stops extending grace.

Grace for the betrayer to confess, to turn, and to find redemption. Grace for the betrayed to rise, to forgive, and to keep pressing forward. Both will have scars. Both will need healing. For both, His grace is powerful enough.

All who financially support Insight for Living Ministries help proclaim this powerful message of Christ’s grace to those who desperately need to hear it—like the betrayers and the betrayed.

Will you please send a generous gift this month to keep this message freely available?

Jesus understands betrayal. Jesus endured it and He overcame it for Himself and for all. With Him and through Him, you, too, can overcome.

Finding strength in His Grace,

Chuck Swindoll

Pastor Charles R. Swindoll