• Rationalizations

    | May 25, 2024
    Even though I have known people like this, still, I cannot fathom Saul's perspective. How can anyone be so clueless?
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  • Saul's Disobedience

    | May 24, 2024
    Saul's disobedient actions involved at least three major errors. First, kings weren't supposed to offer sacrifices on behalf of the community. Kings could offer sacrifices for themselves, but never for the nation.
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  • Sad Day

    | May 23, 2024
    When the people located their new king, they celebrated. And why not? This was a glorious day. Saul was tall, strong, modest, and had the full support of his nation. From a human point of view, this was a beautiful start to a new era.
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  • ''We Want to Be Like Everyone Else''

    | May 22, 2024
    From the time that Joshua died until Saul took the throne of Israel, the Hebrew government was not a monarchy like most surrounding nations. Theologians refer to it as a theocracy—"God-rule."
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  • Disintegrating Families

    | May 21, 2024
    The temptation of any child of vocational Christian ministers is to see the work of the ministry as just another thing, just another religious occupation.
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  • Watching the Kids

    | May 20, 2024
    Eli was a great preacher, a fine priest. As the high priest, he was responsible, once each year, to enter the Most Holy Place and offer an atoning sacrifice on behalf of the nation. No one else had that privilege.
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  • The Voice of God

    | May 19, 2024
    Eli and Samuel were probably taking their turn sleeping in the tabernacle to keep the lamp lit. They slept in little rooms or closets near that special area of God's presence.
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  • Israel's Dark Setting

    | May 18, 2024
    The setting is Israel before the glory days of King David. There has been a long period—a couple hundred years—of intermittent warfare, cycles of events during which Israel would suffer invasion followed by famine.
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  • An Urgent Charge

    | May 17, 2024
    Paul wrote with urgency, "I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by His appearing and His kingdom: preach the word; be ready in season and out of season."
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  • Anchor of Reality

    | May 16, 2024
    All those going through a storm need to be engaged in the process. No one is promised a magical escape clause. Passivity is faith's enemy. It isn't an acceptable option to fold our arms and wait for the storm to pass.
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  • Anchor of Renewal

    | May 15, 2024
    Can you imagine fighting a storm for two weeks and getting virtually no nourishment? That's what the men on Paul's ship experienced. Even more amazing, that's how most people respond to life's storms.
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  • Anchor of Unity

    | May 14, 2024
    The scene breathed life-threatening fears. Imaginations ran wild. Paul knew that staying together was the secret to their survival. The temptation was strong to abandon ship and let each person fend for himself.
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  • Anchor of Stability

    | May 13, 2024
    The anchor of stability holds firm when your navigation system fails. It's easy to lose your bearings in the storm. You can't find your way through the circumstances you face. Life rolls along fairly smoothly until suddenly the seas grow rough.
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  • Standing Tall in High Places

    | May 12, 2024
    Recently, I read a stirring speech delivered by the late Mother Theresa at the 44th National Prayer Breakfast—a prestigious event that occurred while Bill Clinton served as President.
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  • Modern-Day Heroes

    | May 11, 2024
    Momentarily forgetting the difference in rank and status, Paul now spoke face to face with Agrippa. He engaged him on his knowledge of the Scriptures. He then listened for Herod's reply. It was a reply heard around the world.
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  • Grace Leads You Home

    | May 10, 2024
    Long before my mother died, she and a neighbor friend compiled a book of God's promises taken from the Scriptures. Each made her own. My mother used that little book as a primer for her prayers.
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  • Straight Thinking

    | May 09, 2024
    Have you ever felt the ground move under your feet? Do you know what it's like to pitch from side to side in a small boat on strong seas? Have you ever had to run for cover, dodge bullets, or duck out of the way of advancing troops?
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  • All in the Family

    | May 08, 2024
    Not one assassin but forty of them! Forty determined terrorists, operating under cover of secrecy. All of them vowing, "We will not eat or drink until we've killed him." The plan was treacherous and set in motion by those who wanted him dead.
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  • Stop and Surrender

    | May 07, 2024
    So much for Paul. How about you? Fast forward to the twenty-first century. Are you afflicted and burdened excessively? Do you feel as if you're under such intense pressure these days that you, too, are close to despair?
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  • Genuine Humility

    | May 06, 2024
    We'd rather admire Paul for his strength in trials. We want to applaud his fierce determination against vicious persecution. If the man were alive today, he would not tolerate our congratulations.
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Let Go and Let God

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