• What about Fidelity?

    | Feb 01, 2019
    I remember returning from our nation's capital where I was privileged to spend time with many of the highest ranking officers in the military. . . . Many of these men and women are magnificent models of strong Christian commitment.
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  • The Physical Body

    | Jan 31, 2019
    Volumes are written about the mind, our emotional makeup, our "inner man," the soul, the spirit and the spiritual dimension. But by comparison, very little is being said by evangelicals today about the physical body.
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  • Why Drop Everything?

    | Jan 30, 2019
    Why should we be willing to drop everything and follow Jesus Christ? And what happens when we do? I can think of at least six reasons.
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  • Deep-Water Faith

    | Jan 29, 2019
    Edith, a mother of eight, came home from a neighbor's house one afternoon and noticed that things seemed a little too quiet. Curious, she peered through the screen door and saw five of her children huddled together.
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  • Wanted: Thinkers

    | Jan 28, 2019
    Entertainment is everything today. So important, in fact, that we have television programs and magazines devoted solely to the subject. All of which makes it real difficult to be committed to substance rather than the superficial.
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  • Expect the Unexpected

    | Jan 27, 2019
    Most folks I know like things to stay as they are. You've heard all the sayings that reveal our preference for the familiar: Leave well enough alone. I don't like surprises. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Stay with a sure thing.
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  • Encouragement

    | Jan 26, 2019
    When you stop to analyze the concept, "encourage" takes on new meaning. It's the act of inspiring others with renewed courage, spirit, or hope. When we encourage others we spur them on, we stimulate and affirm them.
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  • Do What You Can

    | Jan 25, 2019
    Centuries ago a little boy found himself in the midst of a vast crowd of people—larger than any group he'd ever seen. He had come out of curiosity, having heard that a man named Jesus was nearby.
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  • You Can Make a Difference

    | Jan 24, 2019
    Overwhelming odds can make cowards of us all. I remember the first time I felt overwhelmed regarding ministry in a vast arena. My life had been quiet and manageable.
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  • Uncrossable Rivers of Life

    | Jan 23, 2019
    We often find ourselves bogging down in our spiritual growth simply because the challenges before us look absolutely impossible. Such frustrations are not new.
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  • Outstanding vs. Valuable

    | Jan 22, 2019
    I remember the year NBA stars Michael Jordan and Earvin "Magic" Johnson were vying for the Most Valuable Player award. That year it was incredibly close, and the final tally resulted in Johnson's winning the award by the narrowest of margins.
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  • We Hope . . . We Wait

    | Jan 21, 2019
    "Rome wasn't built in a day." If I heard that once, I heard it a hundred times while I was growing up. I was young and impatient, anxious to reach the goals I felt were important.
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  • Being Normal

    | Jan 20, 2019
    Ever felt weird because you were "normal"? I remember the first time I had that feeling. I was a teenager surrounded by other teenagers in a testimony meeting.
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  • He Sees It All

    | Jan 19, 2019
    From a distance we in the church often look like beautiful people. We're well-dressed. We have nice smiles. We look friendly. We appear cultured, under control . . . at peace.
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  • Beautiful! Really?

    | Jan 18, 2019
    Fresh-fallen snow blanketed the range of mountains on the northeast rim of the Los Angeles basin. When I caught my first glimpse of it in the distance, I found myself smiling and saying aloud, "Beautiful!"
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  • My Stress–God's Strength

    | Jan 17, 2019
    Let me give you three very practical thoughts regarding this matter of God's strength through stress, as found in Psalm 46. First, His strength is immediately available. Our trials are not superficial or irrelevant.
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  • Benefits of Breakdowns

    | Jan 16, 2019
    Who would've ever guessed it? Out of the blue came this nobody. He had spent his youth working for his dad in the quiet, rugged outdoors. Now, suddenly, he was the most famous man in the country.
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  • Life's Arrows

    | Jan 15, 2019
    Having just held a memorial service for a friend several years younger than I who had died with liver cancer, I have been thinking about how to respond when struck by an arrow of affliction.
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  • Going On

    | Jan 14, 2019
    Flying ace Chuck Yeager has written a book with an inviting title: Press On! A guy with his adventurous background, plus a chest full of medals to prove it, probably has a lot to say about "pressing on."
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  • An Advocate

    | Jan 13, 2019
    The Book of Job drips with mystery. The sobs of the man and the silence of his God form a strange combination. From the start, there are surprises and anomalies.
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