• Stop the Elevator

    | Dec 17, 2018
    Elevators are weird places. You're crammed in with folks you've never met, so you try really hard not to touch them. And nobody talks, except for an occasional "Out, please."
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  • Intimate Communication

    | Dec 16, 2018
    You who are parents need to think it over . . . to come to terms with this business of communicating openly, tactfully, and intelligently with your children in the areas of intimacy.
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  • Truth or Consequences

    | Dec 14, 2018
    From all those I have confronted, dealt with, or heard about who have fallen into sexual impurity, two paths led them astray. The first is subtle deception. This is an almost passive series of thoughts which include rationalization.
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  • The Need for Integrity

    | Dec 13, 2018
    Leaders with power and brains are common. So are leaders with riches and popularity. But a competent leader full of integrity and skill, coupled with sincerity, is rare indeed. Deception creates suspicion.
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  • Joyful Generosity

    | Dec 12, 2018
    Thoughts disentangle themselves . . . over the lips and through the fingertips. I learned that saying over thirty years ago, and just about every time I put it to the test, it works!
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  • Low Tides

    | Dec 11, 2018
    The smoky tones of Peggy Lee's voice occasionally blow across my mind: "Is that all . . . is that all there is?" With no bitterness intended, I ask that haunting question in the backwash of certain situations.
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  • New Hope

    | Dec 10, 2018
    Floundering with my father is among my most cherished childhood memories. Armed with a beat-up Coleman lantern, two gigs, a stringer . . . we'd head to the water. When the sky got nice 'n' dark, we'd wade in about knee-deep.
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  • Witnessing

    | Dec 09, 2018
    Various methods are employed to communicate the good news of Christ to the lost. Take the Eager-Beaver Approach, for example. . . . This numerical approach is decision-centered, and little (if any) effort is directed toward follow-up.
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  • A Survival Secret

    | Dec 08, 2018
    One winter day while a Chilean peasant was tending his cattle along a long, deep gorge in a remote area of the Andes, he saw two gaunt, bearded figures across the chasm. Thinking they were terrorists, he ran and hid.
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  • Doing the Unexpected

    | Dec 07, 2018
    There are various ways to describe it: turning the other cheek . . . going the extra mile . . . doing good to those who hate us . . . loving our enemies. We may say it in different ways, but the action amounts to the same thing.
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  • Healing Takes Time

    | Dec 06, 2018
    Hippocrates was a Greek physician considered by many to be "the Father of Medicine." It is he, you may recall, who wrote the immortal Hippocratic Oath still taken by those entering the practice of medicine.
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  • The Final Toll

    | Dec 05, 2018
    Sleep came hard for me last night. Earlier that evening, Cynthia and I had read together a letter from our long-time friend Wally Norling, who had just returned from the bedside of Betty, his "loving partner in life for forty-two years."
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  • Stresses That Fracture

    | Dec 04, 2018
    Stress: that confusion created when one's mind overrides the body's desire to choke the living daylights out of some jerk who desperately needs it. No, you won't find that definition in the dictionary, but right now, I think it should be.
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  • Admitting Need

    | Dec 03, 2018
    Asking for help is smart. So why don't we? You want to know why? Pride. Which is nothing more than stubborn unwillingness to admit need. The result? Impatience. Irritation. Anger. Longer hours. Less and less laughter.
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  • Think It Over

    | Dec 02, 2018
    Here's another promise many try to claim . . . . without the condition. "God has offered me His peace, and I'm claiming it now."
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  • Promises, Promises

    | Dec 01, 2018
    God's Book is a veritable storehouse of promises—over seven thousand of them. Not just eloquently worded thoughts that make you feel warm all over, but verbal guarantees in writing, signed by the Creator Himself.
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  • Them Bones, Them Bones

    | Nov 30, 2018
    Duffy Daugherty, a colorful Michigan State football coach in years past, used to say that you needed only three bones to journey successfully through life: a wishbone, to dream on . . .
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  • Think It Over

    | Nov 29, 2018
    A bazaar was held in a village in northern India. Everyone brought his wares to trade and sell. One old farmer brought in a whole covey of quail. He had tied a string around one leg of each bird.
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  • Giving Yourself Permission

    | Nov 28, 2018
    Back when I was in grade school, it was always a special treat when the teacher gave the class permission to do something unusual. I remember one hot . . . afternoon when she gave everyone permission to go barefoot after lunch.
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  • The Potter and the Clay

    | Nov 27, 2018
    By now in our Christian walk we hardly need the reminder that life is not a cloud-nine utopia. It is a terribly unrealistic view to think that Christ helps you live happily ever after; it's downright unbiblical!
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