• The Cause

    | Dec 15, 2023
    Is that a great answer or what? Is this a great woman? She's had only a few moments to consider what Mordecai had told her, a brief slice of time to weigh his counsel. It was all she needed. She is determined to make a difference.
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  • Risk It!

    | Dec 14, 2023
    What does it matter if I get involved or not? It matters greatly—it matters to your character! Yes, it's true that God has other ways to accomplish His objectives. He has other people He can use.
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  • I'm Available

    | Dec 13, 2023
    Let's look at Haman. This guy hates Mordecai not just because he's a Jew, but because Mordecai will not bow down to him. So Haman talks the king into a game plan. "If you follow my rules, I will pour money into your treasury."
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  • Cultivating Character

    | Dec 12, 2023
    Now, before you frown and entertain thoughts of self-righteousness, thinking that you would never have responded like that, remember, you're surrounded by friends in a safe and unthreatened environment.
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  • Watch Your Words

    | Dec 11, 2023
    Have you noticed how suffering brings people together? Have you watched how people join forces to respond to disasters? Hardship forces us to grab hands with one another and pull up closer together.
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  • Make a Difference

    | Dec 10, 2023
    Only one missionary invests his whole life in a remote area, and an entire tribe is ultimately evangelized. Only one statesman stands for right, and a country is saved.
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  • Ask and Trust

    | Dec 09, 2023
    God does not mock us with the things He includes in His Word. He isn't in the business of making His people squirm under some unrealistic expectation that they can never attain—something that is totally unique to one person.
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  • A Charming and Graceful Spirit

    | Dec 08, 2023
    Clearly, Esther had something about her that caused everyone to "favor" her, from the king to the women in the harem who were competing against her for his attention and affections. I think she must have had a winsomeness about her.
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  • Modesty and Authenticity

    | Dec 07, 2023
    Esther exhibited an unselfish modesty and authenticity. Think of it: no job, no responsibility, no cooking, no clean-up, no washing, no ironing, no errands, no budget-watching, no holding back in any area. Imagine!
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  • Servant-Hearted Leaders

    | Dec 06, 2023
    Esther sustained a continually teachable spirit. "Mordecai had instructed her that she should not make them known . . . Esther had not yet made known her kindred or her people, even as Mordecai had commanded her . . ."
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  • Strength and Dignity

    | Dec 05, 2023
    Esther exhibited a grace-filled charm and elegance. In this verse, the literal translation of the original language says, "She lifted up grace before his face." Isn't that a beautiful expression?
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  • Mundane and Miraculous

    | Dec 04, 2023
    Woven through the tapestry of this wonderful story we find at least three timeless lessons thus far. The first has to do with God's plan. The second has to do with God's purposes. And the third has to do with God's people.
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  • Not Forgotten

    | Dec 03, 2023
    God's presence is not as intriguing as His absence. His voice is not as eloquent as His silence. Who of us has not longed for a word from God, searched for a glimpse of His power, or yearned for the reassurance of His presence?
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  • God at Work

    | Dec 02, 2023
    Memucan wanted an edict prohibiting Queen Vashti from ever entering King Xerxes' presence again written into the law of the Medes and the Persians—the law which can never be changed.
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  • Redirecting Our Gaze

    | Dec 01, 2023
    The Christian's greatest goal is to be like Christ. We want to emulate His exemplary life, model His method of teaching, resist temptation as He resisted it, handle conflicts as He did, focus on the mission God calls us to accomplish.
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  • Mantle of Power

    | Nov 30, 2023
    Elijah's no-death contract suddenly went into effect. Elijah, prophet of power—gone. Elisha, prophet of double power—here, ready, and about to be used greatly by his God. When a man or woman of God dies, nothing of God dies.
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  • Times of Searching

    | Nov 29, 2023
    Self-denial does not come naturally. It is a learned virtue (often hard-learned), encouraged by few and modeled by even fewer, especially among those who are what we've come to know as Type A personalities.
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  • Straight Talk

    | Nov 28, 2023
    Today, countless people seek to know the future. Newspapers and magazines carry horoscope columns. Television networks advertise psychic hotlines. Bus stop benches boast ads for palm readers.
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  • Consistent Heroism

    | Nov 27, 2023
    We cannot help but admire Elijah's consistent heroism. The man is alone, standing before the king and, surely, surrounded by armed warriors, faithful to Ahaziah, who could have finished him off with one thrust of a spear.
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  • Two Solemn Reminders

    | Nov 26, 2023
    After recording these dire predictions, spoken by the Lord through Elijah, the writer of 1 Kings gives this commentary on the lives of Ahab and Jezebel: "Surely there was no one like Ahab who sold himself to do evil . . ."
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Let Go and Let God

Having trouble seeing the logic behind what God is allowing in your life? Wishing it made more sense? In this Timeless Insight, Pastor Chuck helps us be at rest with mysteries.