August 14 - September 10, 2020

Lamentations: Jeremiah’s Journal of Woes

The book of Lamentations is the prophet Jeremiah’s heartbroken, graphic lament after God judged the Jews for their unrepentant sin. Its pages of detailed devastation remind us a holy God will not remain silent forever when His people disobey Him.

But Lamentations is also a book of hope. From the rubble of Jerusalem’s judgment, the promise of restoration rises like the morning sun over the eastern hills. God’s mercies shine new every morning. Great is His faithfulness toward those who cry out to Him in their lament and seek Him through their sorrows.

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What's next

Becoming a People of Grace

September 11, 2020

From head to heart, separation to unification, and Christ to humanity, the book of Ephesians runs the theological gamut. It begins with God in the heavens, takes us to the humble descent and loving sacrifice of Christ, and ultimately leads us upward in His glorious resurrection that, together, we might live well in His grace.

As Chuck Swindoll preaches his way through this letter, allow God’s Word to reaffirm your faith in His sovereign will and to encourage you to live submissively and humbly in light of His Son’s gracious sacrifice.