• God vs. Our Giants

    | Sep 20, 2023
    "There's no reason for your entire army to be involved in this. Just send a fighter, and I'll take him on. I am the champion. I am the greatest." Goliath didn't issue this challenge one time and then leave. No.
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  • Music's Effective Ministry

    | Sep 19, 2023
    God had His hand on this young man whose music not only would fill the heart of a depressed king overwhelmed by blackness, but also would someday fill His written Word.
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  • David's Unique Ability

    | Sep 18, 2023
    Now that's not a bad resume, is it? He's a skilled musician; he's a man of valor; he's a warrior; he has control of his tongue; he's handsome; and the Lord is with him.
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  • God Speaks . . . We Respond

    | Sep 17, 2023
    Three timeless lessons ring through my head as I look at these significant scenes in David's life. First, God's solutions are often strange and simple, so be open. We try to make God complex and complicated. He isn't.
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  • Permanent Dwelling

    | Sep 16, 2023
    I think it's important that we notice that the Spirit of the Lord departed from Saul before an evil spirit came. Christians read those words about "an evil spirit from God" and they fear that could happen today.
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  • Humble Appointment

    | Sep 15, 2023
    Here's our first good look at David. He walks into the house, still smelling like sheep, and all of a sudden an old man hobbles over and pours oil on his head. It drips down his hair and drops on to his neck.
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  • Inner Qualities

    | Sep 14, 2023
    Think ahead with me to 1 Samuel 17. Here is David, standing by Saul, as a giant lumbers across the distant landscape. Saul says, "Who are you?" "I'm David." Saul says, "Where have you been?" "With my father's sheep."
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  • A Man of Integrity

    | Sep 13, 2023
    God knew David had the quality of integrity. Today, we live in a world that says, in many ways, "If you make a good impression, that's really all that matters." But you will never be a man or woman of God if that's your philosophy.
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  • A Humble Servant

    | Sep 12, 2023
    God saw in David the quality of humility. The Lord had gone to the home of Jesse in spirit form. Jesse didn't know God was there. Nobody did. God was on a secret surveillance mission in that home.
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  • Nobodies into Somebodies

    | Sep 11, 2023
    Paul's whole thrust in his first letter to the believers at Corinth was, "I'm not coming to you with brilliance or human wisdom, and I'm certainly not coming to you with any kind of impressive physique or profound philosophy."
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  • Good Directions

    | Sep 10, 2023
    What was Samuel's problem? He was panic-stricken. He was just plain scared. Where were Samuel's eyes? Well, they certainly weren't on the Lord. They were riveted on Saul. From a human viewpoint, of course, Samuel was right.
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  • People Panic . . . God Provides

    | Sep 09, 2023
    The tragic story of King Saul is that he never, ever fully repented of his sin. Saul's greatest concern was his image, how he looked before the people. Even after Samuel gave him a break, Saul took advantage of it . . .
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  • How's Your Heart?

    | Sep 08, 2023
    When God scans the earth for potential leaders, He is not on a search for angels in the flesh. He is certainly not looking for perfect people, since there are none. He is searching for men and women like you and me.
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  • Three Secrets Revealed

    | Sep 07, 2023
    When we read this part of [Moses'] epitaph and think of all the mighty power and all the miracles that Moses did, many of us tend to think, Moses is in another league. I can't touch him.
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  • God of Every Detail

    | Sep 06, 2023
    I am always amazed to hear how the Lord uses His Word in the lives of His people. I don't know your circumstances. I don't know how God intends to use this episode from the life of Moses in your own life.
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  • A Shepherd's Heart

    | Sep 05, 2023
    Moses asks for a man "who will go out and come in before them, and who will lead them out and bring them in, so that the congregation of the LORD will not be like sheep which have no shepherd" (v. 17).
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  • God of All My Moments

    | Sep 04, 2023
    Wouldn't you love the ability to go back in time and change something you did or said? I know there have been moments in my life—awful moments when I acted on the impulse of the flesh—that I would dearly love to call back.
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  • Anger's Bitter Fruit

    | Sep 03, 2023
    Now, wait a minute! Did we miss something? Where did Moses get the okay to deliver that scathing address? The truth is, he didn't. Then where did it come from? From anger.
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  • Not Indispensable

    | Sep 02, 2023
    These young men were jealous for Moses' role. They said, "Moses, you can't let 'em get away with that. You're the prophet. What are Eldad and Medad doing in there? Who do they think they are, prophesying like that? That's your job."
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  • Doing Time

    | Sep 01, 2023
    Now we know why God met with Moses. But what did He reveal? Verse 12 tells us: He revealed His written word. The first thing God gave to this man who met with Him was His truth in written form.
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Planning Ahead

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