• Musing Over Mistakes

    | Jun 02, 2019
    When it comes to mistakes, we need a great deal of tolerance. And a sense of humor doesn't hurt, either. I ran across an embarrassing mistake recently in the sports section of the newspaper.
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  • A Matter of Obedience

    | Jun 01, 2019
    Leading can be awfully lonely and terribly frustrating. I haven't always believed that. Fact is, when I was a starry-eyed seminary student back around '59 and '60, I had this crazy idea that a leader lived a charmed life.
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  • Ragged Rocks of Adversity

    | May 31, 2019
    Try to make time this weekend to read the entire book of Job, for only then do you really see the true extent of Job's honest dealings with God and his steadfast faith in the face of adversity.
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  • Handling Adversity

    | May 30, 2019
    Step into the time tunnel with me, and let's travel together back to Uz (not the wizard of, but the land of). Wherever it was, Uz had a citizen who was respected by everyone. Why? Because he was blameless, upright, God-fearing.
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  • Giving Is Godlike

    | May 29, 2019
    Shortly after World War II, the saddest sight for American soldiers who were picking up the pieces in ravaged Europe, was that of little orphaned children starving in the streets of those war-torn cities.
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  • A Mentor

    | May 28, 2019
    There we sat, a cluster of six. A stubby orange candle burned at the center of our table flickering eerie shadows across our faces. One spoke; five listened. Every question was handled with such grace, such effortless ease.
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  • An Appraisal

    | May 27, 2019
    Well, we are [five] months into the year. Throughout the past months we've reaffirmed the significance of pacing ourselves and not allowing the tyranny of the urgent to blind us to the value of the important.
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  • It's More Than a Job

    | May 26, 2019
    A young fella rushed into a service station and asked the manager if he had a pay phone. The manager nodded, "Sure, over there." The boy pushed in some change, dialed, and waited for an answer. Finally, someone came on the line.
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  • Intrusions, Part Two

    | May 25, 2019
    How do you feel about intrusions? Like an early-morning knock at your door? Like a talkative passenger next to you on a packed-out flight? Like an injury or illness that strikes at the wrong time? Like the piercing ring of the telephone?
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  • Intrusions, Part One

    | May 24, 2019
    I watched a young mother in a waiting room just last week. She was pregnant and had a toddler, plus one in diapers in her arms. Was she busy! Yet with incredible patience, that mother hung in there.
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  • The Cost of Giving

    | May 23, 2019
    Can you recall Jesus' radical philosophy: "Be a servant, give to others"? The basis of that statement is tucked away in Luke 9:23. Following Christ is a costly, unselfish decision.
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  • Keep It Simple

    | May 22, 2019
    Micah isn't exactly a household word. Too bad. Though obscure, the ancient prophet had his stuff together. Eclipsed by the much more famous Isaiah, who ministered among the elite, Micah took God's message to the streets.
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  • Their Quest, My Benefit

    | May 21, 2019
    All of us are surrounded by and benefit from the results of someone's quest. Let me name a few. Above my head is a bright electric light. Thanks, Tom. On my nose are eyeglasses that enable me to focus. Thanks, Ben.
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  • Quests

    | May 20, 2019
    "My first direct view of Titanic lasted less than two minutes, but the stark sight of her immense black hull towering above the ocean floor will remain forever ingrained in my memory. My lifelong dream was to find this great ship."
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  • Analyzing Unselfishness

    | May 19, 2019
    To be "humble in heart," as Christ stated He was, is to be submissive to the core. It involves being more interested in serving the needs of others than in having one's own needs met.
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  • Servant-Hearted

    | May 18, 2019
    The fine little volume on pastoral leadership, In the Name of Jesus, lists three very real, albeit subtle temptations any servant of Christ faces. They correspond with the three temptations our Lord faced before He began His earthly ministry.
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  • Graduation Thoughts

    | May 17, 2019
    You—or someone you know—may soon be graduating. I extend my congratulations! Whether you set new academic records or not, you finished. You saw it through. I commend you.
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  • Being Holy

    | May 16, 2019
    Our fast-lane living these days does not lend itself to the traits we have traditionally attached to godliness. Remember the old hymn we sang in church years ago? "Take time to be holy, speak oft with thy Lord."
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  • Externals vs. Internals

    | May 15, 2019
    The nation to whom the prophet Isaiah wrote was going through the empty motions of a hollow religion. All the right words, all the right appearances, but zero results. They even fasted and prayed.
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  • Compassion

    | May 14, 2019
    It was one of those backhanded compliments. The guy had listened to me talk during several sessions at a pastors' conference. All he knew about me was what he'd heard in the past few days.
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