Insight for Living puts on a great tour. Everything goes smoothly and everyone knows what they are doing, and I would recommend if you can come, come . . .

—G.T. from Missouri

Others Are Saying . . .

It’s given me a much greater understanding of the Old Testament. I’ve had opportunity to study the Old Testament like I haven’t had before. This gives me such a greater depth of understanding.

—B.T. from Missouri

Got to go to church on Sunday, of all days, on the Southern Steps. Having a hard time getting my mind around where Jesus walked and talked.

Having a fun time imagining shepherds on the hillsides, and people milling around with their arts and crafts is really touching. To think that was right here in this location.

We put feet to our faith.

[This tour is] bringing the Bible to life. We look at the Scripture and then look out and see it.

—S.L. from California and D.B. from Kansas

Neat to see the architecture that was all done by hand. I’ve never been in any Roman ruins this large before. Just breathtaking. I can’t imagine anyone spending this much energy and time making this. It is phenomenal.

—D.H. from Texas