• Traveling Well

    | Apr 22, 2024
    Whether you are traveling as a missionary or in the midst of your personal profession, God would have you travel as Paul traveled. I observe four enduring principles that will help you maximize your effectiveness for Christ.
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  • The Ultimate Authority

    | Apr 21, 2024
    A man from Macedonia had said, "Come over and help us." God had in mind a seller of purple, an exploited slave girl, and a rugged, brutal Roman jailer. When you travel as God would have you travel, like Paul, you're sensitive to doors that open.
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  • ''Forgive Them''

    | Apr 20, 2024
    "Father, forgive them for they don't know what they're doing." Jesus managed to utter those penetrating words through bleeding, cracked lips, swollen from the noonday sun. Impaled on that cruel, Roman cross, He interceded on behalf of His enemies.
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  • Positive Separations

    | Apr 19, 2024
    Let's be painfully candid here. I've had my own share of arguments, and you've had yours. I've had some that were never reconciled. Thankfully, most ended in a renewed friendship.
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  • Mission Accomplished

    | Apr 18, 2024
    When Paul returned to places he had been before, there were no regrets. The end of Acts 14 chronicles the return trip Paul and Barnabas made back to home base, Antioch.
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  • Good Attitude

    | Apr 17, 2024
    We make a choice every waking moment of our lives. When we awaken in the morning, we choose the attitude that will ultimately guide our thoughts and actions through the day.
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  • Disappointing Results

    | Apr 16, 2024
    A sentence in the diary of James Gilmore, pioneer missionary to Mongolia, has stayed with me since the day I first read it.
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  • Authentic Ministry

    | Apr 15, 2024
    Paul's ministry was saturated with the Word of God. Fifteen times in chapters thirteen and fourteen the phrases "God's Word," the "Word of truth," the "teaching of the Lord," the "Law and the Prophets," and the "Good News" are mentioned.
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  • Elusive Popularity

    | Apr 14, 2024
    Remarkably, though laying lifeless in a pool of his own blood, Paul got right back up and walked back into the city from which he had been dragged and left for dead. I mean, is this missionary determined or what? True grit.
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  • Tangled in the Tangibles

    | Apr 13, 2024
    When Paul was rejected, he didn't quit. As my good friend and wise mentor, Howie Hendricks, often says, "Where there's light, there are bugs!" The brighter Paul's light, the more the bugs.
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  • Grace to the Saved

    | Apr 12, 2024
    Paul's message emphasized the gospel to the lost and grace to the saved. That is a wonderful paradigm for any minister or ministry to adopt. As I've studied the life of Paul, . . . I find two prominent themes.
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  • Unexpected Opportunities

    | Apr 11, 2024
    Paul and Barnabas arrived at Pisidian Antioch, weary and aching from their perilous march through the mountains. Still, they wasted no time in making their way to the synagogue early enough to find a good seat.
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  • Press On!

    | Apr 10, 2024
    Paul, Barnabas, and John Mark left Cyprus and sailed to the southern coast of Turkey—a land then known as Pamphylia, whose rugged coastline ascended sharply into the towering heights of a mountain range.
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  • A Phony Prophet

    | Apr 09, 2024
    This was no time for Paul to be tolerant or passive. We live in a culture that virtually deifies tolerance. One lady recently said to me with a broad grin, "I love everybody; I even love the devil." I call that "tolerance gone to seed."
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  • Like Clay

    | Apr 08, 2024
    Keeping the clay of your will supple and flexible calls for constant attention along the way. Once you grow hard and brittle to God's leading, you're less usable to Him.
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  • People Pleasing

    | Apr 07, 2024
    I need to make a couple of observations about the nature of ministry. The way God chooses to lead His ministry is often difficult to get our arms around. Finding direction in the corporate world comes somewhat easier.
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  • Gentle Nudging

    | Apr 06, 2024
    While they were ministering to the Lord—fasting, singing, teaching, witnessing, and praying—the Holy Spirit said, "Okay, hitch up the wagons, fellas . . . westward, ho! I need Barnabas and Paul for the work to which I have called them."
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  • Ministering Together

    | Apr 05, 2024
    In every ministry there are at least three essentials that produce an atmosphere of joyous cooperation. They are objectives, people, and places. First, whatever God plans, He pursues. That has to do with the ministry essential of objectives.
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  • The Power of Two

    | Apr 04, 2024
    Do you recall what David did after he killed Goliath? God had already appointed the young shepherd as the next king of Israel. Most young conquerors would have located the nearest Macy's and tried on crowns. Not David.
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  • Sufficient Grace

    | Apr 03, 2024
    Release the idea that contentment requires comfort. Contentment is possible no matter how dire your circumstances. While under house arrest, Paul wrote, "I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am."
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