Biblical Parenting

Parenting is a privilege . . . and yet, it sometimes feels like a struggle. Whether persevering through an infant's late-night cries or grappling with a teenager's bad attitude, all parents need help. This series will throw a lifeline to moms and dads as Chuck Swindoll teaches biblical and practical principles for godly parenting.

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Gods Masterwork, Volume One

Beginnings—A Survey of Genesis–Deuteronomy

God begins a relationship with His chosen people . . . and had you in mind.

From God as close Companion to Lawgiver, from creation to the fall of humanity into sin, from the heights of Joseph’s Egyptian years to the unhappy slavery of Israel, this sermon series offers an overview of the biblical books from Genesis to Deuteronomy.

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Gods Masterwork, Volume Two

The Story of God's People—A Survey of Joshua–Esther

In this practical series, covering the books of Joshua through Esther, Chuck Swindoll will provide a close-up look at the heights and depths of living in this world. From the heights of Joshua’s entrance into the land of promise to the depths of exile from the land, this series will trace the threads of faithfulness through the often faithless existence of God’s chosen people.

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Gods Masterwork, Volume Three

Poets, Prophets, and Promises—A Survey of Job–Daniel

Have you ever needed wisdom? Ever longed for a calming word during trying times? Have you ever worried about the future?

When issues like these arise, Chuck Swindoll reminds us of the best place to turn—God’s Word. In this informative and practical series, covering the books of Job through Daniel, Chuck guides us through the Wisdom Books, the Psalms, and the Major Prophets to help us answer the pressing questions of our day.

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Gods Masterwork, Volume Four

An Invitation to Return—A Survey of Hosea–Malachi

It’s time to open a section of your Bible that rarely sees the light of day.

Many people who read the Old Testament finish Daniel and skip over the next twelve books on their way to the New Testament. What a loss! The Minor Prophets deal with some major life issues: adultery, grudges, pride, disobedience, and injustice—just to name a few! When sin clouds your vision and you’re in need of a clear perspective, these lesser-known prophets offer a wealth of wisdom. In this fourth volume of the God’s Masterwork Series, Chuck Swindoll explains the practical, and often overlooked, applications found in the Minor Prophets.

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Gods Masterwork, Volume Five

God with Us—A Survey of Matthew–Acts

Do you ever struggle to understand how the Old and New Testaments fit together? If we think of the Old Testament as pages of promise, then how does the New Testament complete and fulfill God’s plan for us? God’s Masterwork, Volume Five: God with Us—A Survey of Matthew–Acts traces the redemptive ministry of Jesus Christ, which fulfilled many of God’s messianic promises in the Old Testament.

This Insight for Living Ministries audio series introduces the flow of thought in the New Testament, explains the purpose of each gospel, and chronicles the expansion of Christ’s church in Acts.

God’s redemptive plan in the Bible culminated in the arrival of Jesus Christ—the promised Messiah. Join Chuck Swindoll as he teaches from the Gospels and the book of Acts in God’s Masterwork, Volume Five, and learn to place your hope in Christ’s redeeming work on your behalf.

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Gods Masterwork, Volume Six

Letters to God’s People—A Survey of Romans–Philemon

Do you need a biblical pick-me-up? The New Testament contains 13 letters written by the apostle Paul that explain theology, correct faults, encourage godly living, and outline the structure and function of the church. God’s Masterwork, Volume Six: Letters to God’s People—A Survey of Romans–Philemon describes how these topics apply to your life today.

In God’s Masterwork, Volume Six, Chuck Swindoll reminds listeners that even though the apostle wrote during the first century AD, Paul’s epistles comprise God’s inspired, inerrant Word, which applies to your life today. So, you can read these New Testament letters as if Paul addressed them to you!

Enjoy God’s Masterwork, Volume Six, and grow in your love and obedience to Christ.

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Gods Masterwork, Volume Seven

The Final Word—A Survey of Hebrews–Revelation

When was the last time you read any of the General Epistles? Hebrews, with its references to Old Testament sacrifices and Jewish feasts, might seem outdated. Jude’s record of a cosmic battle over the body of Moses might fit best in a sci-fi movie. And Revelation, with its strange apocalyptic imagery, might stir contention and confusion within the church.

But did you know that these ancient letters contain many spiritual riches? In God’s Masterwork, Volume Seven: The Final Word—A Survey of Hebrews–Revelation, you will discover:

  • How Jesus Christ fulfilled the Mosaic Law
  • Why true faith must produce fruit
  • How you can find hope in the midst of trials

The God’s Masterwork, Volume Seven audio series will help you dig into these nine treasures from the first century! You’ll gain theological depth and grow in your practical devotion to Christ.

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A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness

Life is full of ups and downs. Just when you think life’s roller coaster is leveling off, you hear the rhythmic clank of the chain slowly jerking you upward. After the moment of exhilaration at the top comes the white-knuckle plummet to the bottom.

In this series, Joseph: A Man of Integrity and Forgiveness, Chuck Swindoll takes you on a journey with Joseph from the pit of slavery to the pinnacle of power. Along the way, you will learn how to resist the allure of temptation, to trust God during dark days, to forgive others when they hurt you, and to leave a legacy of grace. You’ll come to see that in spite of life’s ups and downs, God uses all things to guide you and shape you into His perfect will.

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Searching the Scriptures: Find the Nourishment Your Soul Needs

A Classic Series

In Searching the Scriptures, Chuck Swindoll teaches us how to dig deep into Scripture and uncover profound truths for our lives by teaching us to prepare our own spiritual meals. Explaining the tried and tested techniques for Bible Study that he has used his entire ministry, Chuck leads you on a journey of biblical discovery that will provide spiritual nourishment for a lifetime.

Through this instructive website, you can learn the same tried and tested techniques Chuck uses every day in his own Bible study.

Searching the Scriptures website

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Simple Faith

The Sermon on the Mount - A Study of Matthew 5-7

Real Christianity. Where is it? What does it look like? Many Christians are wondering that these days—especially those who once based their faith on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ but have since become trapped in the rat race of performance-based faith . . . caged by the self-imposed demands of works, works, and more works. As a result, many now wonder, “What is real Christianity?”

Simple Faith is about gaining freedom from tyrannical expectations and rediscovering the beauty of what Christ really taught. It’s about getting out of the cage and winging your way back to freedom, peace, and rest in Jesus. Simple Faith recounts the real message of the Sermon on the Mount—what it means to live an authentic, uncomplicated life. In short, it is a call to simple faith.

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Strike the Original Match

Of all the hot-button issues of our day, marriage sits near the top of the list. With a gaggle of voices clamoring for an audience, the masses have grown increasingly confused about the most fundamental understanding of marriage. As Christians place a high value on God’s Word, we look to it for clarity on the most significant questions. How does God define marriage? What direction does the Bible offer on making marriage last? What is the nature of commitment, and what does it look like in this day and age? This series from Chuck Swindoll will bring clarity and offer direction as you navigate the views and vices that threaten this most sacred union.

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The Grace Awakening

Maybe you’ve known about grace all your life. You grew up with it. You heard about it in church. But maybe there’s more to God’s grace than you were taught. After all, believing in grace is one thing; living it is another.

In this classic series, Chuck Swindoll exhorts us to embrace grace. The messages in this series have inspired thousands of Christians to draw upon the spiritual abundance lying dormant in their lives. Yet many believers still haven’t fully awakened to the freedom grace brings. Don’t miss this chance to explore how God’s amazing grace can release you from the pressure to measure up and allow you to live in freedom.

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The Sanctity of Life . . . The Inescapable Issue

Our culture is at war—a quiet war against the most innocent and powerless in our society: the unborn. The tapestry of human life, woven by the hand of God, is being unraveled in the name of convenience. Abortion not only ends the lives of unborn babies, it can devastate the lives of those mothers and fathers who have chosen to have an abortion, often leaving them with depression, guilt, and regret. But God offers hope . . .

Join Chuck Swindoll as he addresses the sensitive topic of abortion—how God’s Word speaks to the issue, how to recover from an abortion, and how to devote oneself to a life of purity. Gain courage to honor God and to uphold the sanctity of life in a godless culture.

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What If . . . ?

What if . . . ? What a haunting, yet profound question. We’ve all found ourselves in situations where we have felt helpless to determine our next step if the unknown were to happen. Either due to lack of knowledge or lack of ability, we wonder what we should do.

And yet, that very act of wondering, of asking questions like, “What If You Suddenly Lose Everything?” or “What If You Need a Second Chance?” stands as a perfect opportunity to gain biblical wisdom about difficult subjects.

As you make your way through this series about the difficult questions and decisions we face, remember that it’s in wrestling with the questions that we come closest to the Lord.

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