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New King, New Throne, Same Lord

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Today's Devotional

Can't . . . or Won't? Part Two

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Slow Down and Take It In

Looking for a book to shake you out of sameness and routine? Each of these books can challenge your thinking in multiple areas of your life and pave the way for new growth.

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A Simple Yes or No Will Do

Does God still reveal His will in specific ways or is He content to leave a lot of our choices up to us? This page addresses concerns of how God chooses to speak to us and direct us.

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Letter from Chuck
Put a Smile on God’s Face

Could you be described as a person “after God’s own heart”? What does that even mean? Read Pastor Chuck’s thoughts and challenges in that area as he relates the phrase to David—and to you!

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That Still, Small Voice

Where do you have to go to hear God’s voice and feel His peace and contentment? Chuck Swindoll describes one scene where you’re not likely to hear clearly what God’s saying to you.

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