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A Severe Checklist for Disciples

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Gratitude for Grace

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Not Alone in the Struggle

The world’s getting crazier and, certainly, more hostile to those who profess Christ. These resources remind you of whom our battle is really against as they shore up your faith for the fight.

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How to Know God

Do you know about God, but you're not sure that you know Him personally? Find answers to your questions, and, if you are a believer, find help in sharing your faith with others.

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Where Do You Find Rest?

The pursuit of happiness in our culture has taken a heavy emotional toll and caused a multitude of physical illnesses. Hear Jesus’ solution to the problem in His words, “Come to Me.”

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Video Insight: Life Is Not Fair
Try This Viewpoint

Some people want us to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Pastor Chuck Swindoll describes what it would be like to see life instead through faith-filled glasses.

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