• From Hurt to Usefulness

    | Oct 30, 2023
    As we read those words and try to imagine the original setting, we begin to see the surprising nature of God's plan. The most logical arrangement, seemingly, would be to keep Elijah in the king's face.
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  • Cut Down to Size

    | Oct 29, 2023
    'I am going to cut you down to size!' If I heard that once during the ten weeks I spent in a U.S. Marine Corps boot camp more than forty-five years ago, I must have heard it a dozen times.
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  • His Word Is Final

    | Oct 28, 2023
    God keeps His promises. It's a major part of His immutable nature. He doesn't hold out hope with nice-sounding words, then renege on what He said He would do. God is neither fickle nor moody. And He never lies.
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  • A Unique Spokesperson

    | Oct 27, 2023
    God's methods are often surprising. God did not raise up an army to destroy Ahab and Jezebel. Neither did He send some scintillating prince to argue His case or try to impress their royal majesties.
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  • Special People for Special Times

    | Oct 26, 2023
    God looks for special people at difficult times. God needed a special man to shine the light in the blackness of those days. But God didn't find him in the palace or the court. He didn't find him walking around with his head down.
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  • Alone in the Gap

    | Oct 25, 2023
    We're first introduced to him as 'Elijah the Tishbite' (1 Kings 17:1). Talk about stepping out of nowhere! Elijah came out of this insignificant place--out of nowhere--to make such a significant contribution to God's plan . . .
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  • A Legacy

    | Oct 24, 2023
    Finally, and naturally, David falls on his knees and utters a beautiful prayer, an extemporaneous expression of his worship of the Lord God. The first verses are expressions of praise.
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  • The Best I Can

    | Oct 23, 2023
    David was saying, "God did not give me a yes answer. When it came to my own dream, He gave me a no answer. But He did give me other things in place of that dream, and I'm making the very most I can of those other things."
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  • Penetrating the Darkness

    | Oct 22, 2023
    Are times hard? Are days of trouble upon you? When times are tough, the Lord is our only security. David assures us in his song that the Lord delights in us; He sees and cares about what is happening in our lives, this very moment.
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  • Downward Steps of Sin

    | Oct 21, 2023
    Tracing the downward steps in David's eroding family relationships, we now have Absalom murdering Amnon, a brother murdering a brother. "The sword will never depart out of your household, David."
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  • A Sheltering Tree

    | Oct 20, 2023
    The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge once described friendship as "a sheltering tree." What a beautiful description of that special relationship. As I read those words, I think of my friends as great, leafy trees.
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  • Riding Out the Storm

    | Oct 19, 2023
    David refused to give up. When suffering the backwash of sin, our tendency is to say, "I am through. I am finished with living. Life isn't worth it any longer." But look at what David did: he "comforted his wife Bathsheba."
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  • The Consequences of Sin

    | Oct 18, 2023
    Nathan didn't come on his own; he was sent by God: "Then the LORD sent Nathan to David." I think the most important word in that sentence is the first one, "then." God's timing is absolutely incredible. When was he sent?
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  • Helpful Hope for Broken Dreams

    | Oct 17, 2023
    What a father! He may have been weak at other times, but at this moment, David stands tall. "Lord, I know You don't want me to fulfill the dream, but, Lord, I'm going to set apart as much as I can to support my son . . ."
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  • Who Am I?

    | Oct 16, 2023
    God does not call everybody to build temples. He calls some people to be soldiers. He calls some people to do the gutsy work in the trenches. He calls some people to compose and conduct music.
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  • When God Says ''No''

    | Oct 15, 2023
    "David, you will know the delight of having a son by whom this temple will be built. Not through your efforts, but through your son the dream will be fulfilled." It is not a question of sin here.
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  • The Interludes of Life

    | Oct 14, 2023
    David brought the ark of God up to Jerusalem and back to the people of Israel. It had begun to bother him that the ark of God was in a tent while he lived in a beautiful house.
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  • True Freedom

    | Oct 13, 2023
    Why in the world would they get so excited about it? Because they're free. When you obey, you're free. When you disobey, you're in bondage. All around us we see individuals in bondage because they're in sin.
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  • Principles vs. Precepts

    | Oct 12, 2023
    What an epitaph! Not, "I found David to be a great warrior," or, "I found David to be a faithful shepherd," or, "I found David to be a brilliant king"—none of those things. It says, "I found David to care about the things I care about."
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  • God Cares

    | Oct 11, 2023
    We've got David standing here mad at the Lord, when, in fact, the Lord was angry at David. About now you might be thinking, Well, I thought you said he was a man after God's heart. I did—or, rather, God did.
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Planning Ahead

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