• Who Am I?

    | Oct 16, 2023
    God does not call everybody to build temples. He calls some people to be soldiers. He calls some people to do the gutsy work in the trenches. He calls some people to compose and conduct music.
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  • When God Says ''No''

    | Oct 15, 2023
    "David, you will know the delight of having a son by whom this temple will be built. Not through your efforts, but through your son the dream will be fulfilled." It is not a question of sin here.
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  • The Interludes of Life

    | Oct 14, 2023
    David brought the ark of God up to Jerusalem and back to the people of Israel. It had begun to bother him that the ark of God was in a tent while he lived in a beautiful house.
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  • True Freedom

    | Oct 13, 2023
    Why in the world would they get so excited about it? Because they're free. When you obey, you're free. When you disobey, you're in bondage. All around us we see individuals in bondage because they're in sin.
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  • Principles vs. Precepts

    | Oct 12, 2023
    What an epitaph! Not, "I found David to be a great warrior," or, "I found David to be a faithful shepherd," or, "I found David to be a brilliant king"—none of those things. It says, "I found David to care about the things I care about."
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  • God Cares

    | Oct 11, 2023
    We've got David standing here mad at the Lord, when, in fact, the Lord was angry at David. About now you might be thinking, Well, I thought you said he was a man after God's heart. I did—or, rather, God did.
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  • From Fugitive to Monarch

    | Oct 10, 2023
    Because of David's many mighty acts and the legacy he left, it is easy to forget that for a dozen or more years he lived as a fugitive and spent many hours of discouragement and disillusionment in the wilderness.
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  • Take Control

    | Oct 09, 2023
    Behind the great tragedy of Saul's life is a very interesting analogy—an analogy between Saul's death and Christ's death. At first glance we might say, "What in the world would we find common to both Saul and Christ?"
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  • Your Epitaph

    | Oct 08, 2023
    What do you think those who survive you will write as your epitaph? How will your obituary read? What words will be used in the eulogy to sum up your life? Saul's epitaph was a sad one.
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  • ''A Very Present Help''

    | Oct 07, 2023
    David had reached the point in life where some people think of taking their own lives. He was so far down the ladder of despair that he'd reached the bottom rung. The last stop.
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  • He'll Handle It

    | Oct 06, 2023
    Mission accomplished! Everybody wins. David and his men go back full of food and all the wiser. Fantastic! Abigail goes home, and her husband puts his arm around her and says, "Honey, thanks. You're a great lady . . ."
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  • Patiently Waiting

    | Oct 05, 2023
    My, oh my, did David learn a lesson! "Blessed be God. He kept me from murdering this man—from doing evil. I don't have to fight that kind of battle, that's God's job. If vengeance is required, it is God's to do."
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  • Critical Decisions

    | Oct 04, 2023
    AbigaiI knew her husband, didn't she? Everyone knew what he was like, so why hide it? Why try to cover up what he had done? She didn't. And yet she took the responsibility upon herself.
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  • Wise Protection

    | Oct 03, 2023
    Four hundred men! That'll probably handle Nabal, don't you think? When you overdo something in our house, we have a saying, "You're killing a roach with a shotgun." You kill the roach all right, but you blow the wall out at the same time.
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  • Revenge or Forgiveness?

    | Oct 02, 2023
    All this brings me to three helpful principles to live by when it comes to life's most subtle temptation. Each is worth remembering when we are mistreated. First, since man is depraved, expect to be mistreated.
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  • A Clear Conscience

    | Oct 01, 2023
    David told Saul the whole unvarnished truth; he told it to the person to whom it mattered most. Not to his comrades or to Saul's friends or to the people of Israel but to Saul himself.
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  • The Art of Persuasion

    | Sep 30, 2023
    Here we see a guy who did the right thing and brought a whole group with him. He persuaded them with his words. The literal meaning here, strange as it may seem, is "tore apart." He tore them apart with his words.
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  • A True Friend

    | Sep 29, 2023
    What a friend Jonathan was! No pettiness, no envy, no jealousy. Remember, as Saul's son, Jonathan would have been the heir apparent. He might have wanted the praise of the people, yet here was this kid from the hills of Bethlehem garnering all of it.
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  • Cave Dwellers

    | Sep 28, 2023
    Now look at Psalm 34, which I believe is the third psalm he wrote while in the cave. What a difference. What a change has come over David! He says, "I will bless the LORD at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth" (v. 1).
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  • Declaration of Dependence

    | Sep 27, 2023
    We looked at Psalm 142. Now let's look at two others David wrote, Psalms 57 and 34. We don't know in what order he wrote these, but looking at his life, they seem to fit in this backward order . . .
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Let Go and Let God

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