• Alternatives to Grace, Part One

    | May 09, 2023
    If I choose not to risk, if I go the "safe" route and determine not to promote either salvation by grace or a lifestyle of grace, what are the alternatives? Four points come to my mind, all of which are popular these days.
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  • The Risk in Grace

    | May 08, 2023
    Is grace risky? You bet your life it is. I am well aware that this issue of grace is indeed controversial; especially when I am calling for a new awakening to the freedom Christians have in Christ. A few will take what I write about grace and go crazy with it.
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  • Grace for the Sinful

    | May 07, 2023
    For the next few moments, graze slowly over this paragraph of truth recorded by Paul in the letter to the Ephesians. Take your time. Don't hurry.
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  • Bonus

    | May 06, 2023
    Most people I know look forward to payday. You do too, right? For a week, or perhaps a two-week period, you give time and effort to your job. When payday arrives, you receive a hard-earned, well-deserved paycheck.
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  • Grace Unlimited

    | May 05, 2023
    My plea is that we not limit grace to Christ. We, too, can learn to be just as gracious as He. And since we can, we must, not only in our words and in great acts of compassion and understanding but in small ways as well.
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  • Grace: A Many Splendored Thing

    | May 04, 2023
    We use grace to describe many things in life: a well-coordinated athlete or dancer; good manners and being considerate of others; beautiful, well-chosen words; consideration and care for other people.
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  • Understanding Grace

    | May 03, 2023
    What exactly is grace? And is it limited to Jesus' life and ministry? You may be surprised to know that Jesus never used the word itself. He just taught it and, equally important, He lived it.
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  • The Power of Grace

    | May 02, 2023
    Candidly, I know of nothing that has the power to change us from within like the freedom that comes through grace. It's so amazing it will change not only our hearts but also our faces.
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  • Claiming the Package

    | May 01, 2023
    This day—this very moment—millions are living their lives in shame, fear, and intimidation who should be free, productive individuals. The tragedy is they think it is the way they should be.
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  • Heroes

    | Apr 30, 2023
    Like silent shadows, the heroes of the faith pass beside us, pointing us toward the upward way, whispering words of courage. The memory of all those models of righteousness now gone from view puts needed steel in our spirit.
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  • Ragged Rocks of Adversity

    | Apr 29, 2023
    Try to make time this weekend to read the entire book of Job, for only then do you really see the true extent of Job's honest dealings with God and his steadfast faith in the face of adversity.
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  • Intrusions

    | Apr 28, 2023
    I watched a young mother in a waiting room just last week. She was pregnant and had a toddler, plus one in diapers in her arms. Was she busy! Yet with incredible patience, that mother hung in there.
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  • Externals vs. Internals

    | Apr 27, 2023
    The nation to whom the prophet Isaiah wrote was going through the empty motions of a hollow religion. All the right words, all the right appearances, but zero results. They even fasted and prayed.
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  • Time to Toughen Up

    | Apr 26, 2023
    There are 1,130 frostbitten miles, mountain ranges, blizzards, hungry beasts, and frozen seas between Anchorage and Nome. This awful trek is the scene of the ultimate endurance test known as the Iditarod Sled Dog Race.
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  • From Analysis to Action

    | Apr 25, 2023
    Leaders must go beyond analysis to action. One cannot lead without energy, motion, risk. Leaders are pathfinders, road makers, action takers. Cowardice, to put it bluntly, is an ungodly trait. God is not passive in the face of evil.
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  • A Surprising Answer to Prayer

    | Apr 24, 2023
    Many years ago one of my mentors told me a story I have never forgotten. A missionary was home on furlough, traveling by car from church to church.
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  • Their Quest, My Benefit

    | Apr 23, 2023
    All of us are surrounded by and benefit from the results of someone's quest. Let me name a few. Above my head is a bright electric light. Thanks, Tom. On my nose are eyeglasses that enable me to focus. Thanks, Ben.
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  • For Bible Teachers

    | Apr 22, 2023
    Do you teach the Bible? If so, that's great. No other calling is more needed or carries with it greater responsibility. My advice? Study hard. Pray for insight. Be accurate with facts. Be clear in your delivery.
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  • What Employees Want

    | Apr 21, 2023
    A Public Agenda Foundation study, coauthored by Daniel Yankelovich, came up with these top ten qualities that today's workers want in a job: 1) Work with people who treat me with respect. 2) Interesting work . . .
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  • The Path to Freedom

    | Apr 20, 2023
    Is your next step the need to forgive? Do it. Don't let anything or anyone talk you out of it. I know, I know. After all the misery you have had to endure, why should you have to be the one who humbles yourself and forgives?
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Let Go and Let God

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