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Insight for Living Ministries’ (IFLM) Spanish-language ministry, Visión Para Vivir (VPV), started broadcasting in 1988 through HCJB in Quito, Ecuador, and KHCB in Houston, Texas. Chilean pastor David Hormachea translated the broadcast and became Pastor Chuck Swindoll’s first voice in Spanish. The broadcast rapidly expanded to numerous stations.

Ken Grant joined VPV as manager in 2000, and for five years he used his radio experience to streamline operations and further expand the reach of VPV to more than 200 stations. In 2006, Carmen Montgomery became the new executive director when Ken transitioned to help IFLM Portuguese, and, in 2007, Carlos Zazueta became the new pastor and voice of VPV. In 2020, Jorge Ponce stepped in to serve as IFLM Spanish’s regional pastor in Guatemala, speaking at conferences and ministering to listeners across Central America. In 2021, IFLM Spanish opened an office in Spain, pastored by Pedro Sanjaime, to support Spanish-speaking listeners across Europe.

The VPV broadcast airs more than 1,600 times a day on more than 700 stations across the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Spain.

Pedro and Eunice Sanjaime

Pedro’s heart for Spain and love of God’s Word led him to join IFLM Spanish as the regional pastor in Spain where he is leading IFLM’s global Vision 195 efforts for the Spanish-speaking community in Spain and across Europe.

Pedro was born in Valencia, Spain, a picture-postcard destination nestled on the Mediterranean. He grew up in his father’s orange orchard, learning to plant trees and work the land. At age 19, Pedro convinced his parents to let him go to Germany and study the Bible at a Torchbearer’s center. While there, Pedro came to faith. Eunice was born to missionary parents from the US. She worked as a teacher at the Bible Institute in Castelldefels where Pedro was studying for the ministry. Eunice was Pedro’s English and music teacher! They fell in love and have faithfully served Christ throughout their marriage. Pedro has a master’s degree in biblical counseling and a doctorate in psychology. He speaks five languages. He has served as a rector of the college where they met, a professor, and as the director of an outreach to street children in Barcelona.


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