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Insight for Living Ministries’ (IFLM) Portuguese-language ministry, Razão para Viver (RPV), started broadcasting in 1988 through Trans World Radio. Today, forty radio stations across Brazil carry RPV to a potential audience of 210 million Portuguese speakers. Additional stations reach Portuguese speakers in Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, France, Paraguay, and the US. In addition, RPV partners with missionaries in the Amazon, who sometimes use solar-powered radios to reach riverside communities in the vast rainforest.

The RPV team has translated more than twenty biblical resources, launched a Portuguese-language website, and continually engages people through social media. In 2021, RPV completed the Portuguese translation of the Searching the Scriptures pastor-training curriculum. Pastors from sprawling cities to rural towns are benefiting from this valuable training. The team recently relocated RPV’s headquarters from São Paulo to Jundiai to expand and enhance its global ministry initiatives in pursuit of IFLM’s Vision 195.

Fernando and Ieda Bochio

Fernando Bochio became pastor and the Portuguese voice of Pastor Chuck Swindoll for IFLM Portuguese in 2002 while continuing to pastor a church, teach at a university, and consult. Throughout the years, he has since stepped away from these other roles and responsibilities in order to focus full-time on IFLM Portuguese. With a passion for mentoring, Fernando helps train pastors all over the Portuguese-speaking world to use Pastor Chuck’s Searching the Scriptures Bible-study methods. In 2022, Fernando completed his doctorate degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. Ieda serves as executive director of the ministry, carefully overseeing its operations and connecting with listeners. She holds five advanced degrees in health care and science. The Bochios have a vision for reaching the ten main countries in which Portuguese is spoken!

Fernando and Ieda have been married more than forty years and love spending time with their children and grandchildren. Fernando enjoys adventures, nature, and his motorbike. Ieda enjoys gardening, cooking, and baking. Both love to welcome visitors into their home and can’t resist dancing together when the right music comes on. They’re committed to pursuing the Great Commission—whether at home or braving the snakes and piranhas of the Amazon River!


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Portuguese newsletter 

The spring 2022 newsletter contains a brief history of our Portuguese-language ministry and updates on their current growth and needs.

Portuguese newsletter

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Insight for Living Ministries is committed to excellence in following Jesus’ Great Commission to “go and make disciples of all the nations” with the message of God's majesty, the authenticity of His Word, the power of the cross, and His amazing grace in all 195 countries of the world.

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