• God in Your Midst

    | Mar 13, 2018
    The psalmist's reaction to nature in upheaval was, "I will not fear" (Psalm 46:2–3). His response to feelings of personal weakness continues in Psalm 46 with a change of scene, which prompts another resolution.
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  • A Fear Response

    | Mar 12, 2018
    The psalmist was most likely a priest. As a man of letters, he would have known the history of Israel better than most. And their path had not been a smooth one. They continually faced dangers from foreign armies.
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  • Human Failure

    | Mar 11, 2018
    We deny it. We fake it. We mask it. We try to ignore it. But the truth stubbornly persists: we are weak and inadequate creatures! Being sinful, we fail. Being prone to illness, we get sick. Being feeble, we get hurt.
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  • Seek God’s Truth

    | Mar 10, 2018
    Psalms 42 and 43 capture for us David's situation of inner despair and disturbance. The source of his turmoil didn't go away after his visit to the headwaters of the Jordan River (42:6).
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  • Find Solace in Nature

    | Mar 09, 2018
    David's songs of inner turmoil don't offer easy answers; he's too realistic for that. David had seen the lowest of lows several times in his life, so he knew that counting your blessings won't work every time.
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  • Remember God’s Faithfulness

    | Mar 08, 2018
    God certainly has not forsaken His child, but at low moments all of us could testify that there are times when it feels like He has! What do we do to become reassured? How can we find the hope of God's care when we are feeling low?
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  • Longing for God

    | Mar 07, 2018
    This song recounts those days when we feel like curling up in the fetal position and quitting. Fortunately, David doesn't leave us on the ground. He advises how we can conquer those feelings rather than succumb to them.
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  • A “Churning Place”

    | Mar 06, 2018
    I have a "churning place." It's in my stomach. On the upper, left side, just below the rib cage. When disturbing things happen, when troubling words are said, . . . my inner churning starts.
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  • Confess and Be Cleansed

    | Mar 05, 2018
    No one can tell me that Scripture, though written more than two thousand years ago, is not relevant today. David's poem is both beautiful and practical.
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  • Sin Distorts the Truth

    | Mar 04, 2018
    As David's celebration song about God's forgiveness continues, he recognizes that confession is costly. He also acknowledges the fact that we have a window of opportunity that may, one day, close.
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  • The Bitter Price of Secret Sin

    | Mar 03, 2018
    David's celebration of God's forgiveness takes a dark turn as he recalls his anguished past. He remembers—perhaps accompanied by a gloomy minor key—the days of misery he spent in the isolation of secret sin.
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  • From Self-deception to Relief

    | Mar 02, 2018
    I once asked my sister, Luci, to name the emotion she considered the most powerful and enjoyable of all. She surprised me with her answer: relief. After thinking for a moment, I had to agree. Relief is everyone's favorite feeling!
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  • Living under the Cloud of Guilt

    | Mar 01, 2018
    Your conscience may be invisible but it is certainly not inactive! Who hasn't been kept awake by its pleadings? With incredible regularity, an unforgiven conscience can rob us of an appetite, steal our sleep, and drive us to distraction.
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  • Waiting on God

    | Feb 28, 2018
    David's cry for help doesn't end with an account of God's sudden and miraculous provision. Instead, the songwriter committed to doing what comes least naturally to people in fear. He committed to doing nothing.
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  • Seeking God’s Help

    | Feb 27, 2018
    While David's first response to fear wasn't a panicked plea for help, he didn't live in denial. He merely chose to celebrate God's power and to recall His past triumphs. Eventually, however, David did ask the Lord for what he needed.
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  • Facing Fear with a Song of Faith

    | Feb 26, 2018
    When fear has us in its icy grip, we quickly turn toward self-preservation. We hope to avoid loss, escape pain, or cheat death. Not David! His composition, preserved for us as Psalm 27, gives priority to eternal matters.
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  • Facing Fear with Praise

    | Feb 25, 2018
    As David faced his fears and expressed them to God in Psalm 27, he began with worship, celebrating the power and faithfulness of his God. The key to the entire song is verse 1. It consists of two similar sentences.
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  • Frozen by Fear

    | Feb 24, 2018
    One of the most paralyzing problems in all of life is fear. Our fears are directed in so many areas: fear of the unknown, fear of calamity, fear of sickness, disease, and death, fear of people, fear of losing our jobs, . . .
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  • Waiting with Patience

    | Feb 23, 2018
    As David concludes his song about the grinding pain of unjust treatment and his chosen responses, he then commits to patience. Resolved: I will patiently stand and wait for relief.
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  • Staying Faithful Together

    | Feb 22, 2018
    David's prayer for protection while enduring mistreatment didn't merely ask God for help; the king's song included a commitment on his part. Resolved: I will be faithful in public worship.
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