May 22 - 31, 2018

Following Christ . . . The Man of God

A Signature Series

Jesus was the Son of God and the Man of God. He walked the earth as any other person, but, through every word and action, He expressed the nature of God. The scenes recorded in John 6–14 portray a beautiful balance of Jesus’ humanity and divinity. He heals the lame man, feeds the hungry masses, stills the stormy sea, gives sight to the blind, and raises Lazarus from the dead. Such divine power, such human compassion!

John invites us to walk by Jesus’ side as He models love, grace, and humility. Place yourself in each scene. Grasp every detail. It’s impossible to closely follow Jesus and remain unchanged.

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The Great Commission

June 1 - 18, 2018

When the time drew near for the resurrected Jesus to ascend into heaven, His followers wondered, “What Now?” Then Jesus appeared and gave them a clear mission: proclaim the gospel in all the world in the power of the Spirit.

When the Spirit came the apostles heralded Jesus’ good news in Jerusalem, and many people from all corners of the earth embraced their message.

Join Chuck Swindoll as he walks us through these scenes in this four-part series on the Great Commission. We’ll learn how the Spirit still leads us today as we embody Jesus’ teachings and proclaim Him as both Lord and Savior.