June letter

Dear Friend:

When the sun breaks over the horizon of Jiangsu in the People’s Republic of China, a miracle will begin. By day’s end, 300 people in this province will have become members of God’s family.

Let that settle in: in one Chinese province, 300 people will hear the gospel and say “Yes!” to new life in Christ.

Most will be first-generation Christians. They didn’t grow up in church. No one invited them to Vacation Bible School. Forty years ago, rarely did anyone even own a Bible in China! Most pastors there have never been trained to study, teach, and preach the Bible.

Even so, 300 people in Jiangsu will be transformed into new creations today. Many will become missionaries along The Silk Road, reaching Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists in China, the Middle East, Africa, and India. Some will trek the other direction: North Korea.

Tomorrow, the same thing will happen . . . and the next day and the next day! But the miracle doesn’t stop there. God has made a way for YOU to help disciple these new believers.

Recently in our Insight for Living Ministries headquarters, I met with seven pastors and two government officials from the China Christian Council (CCC). They shared that to keep up with growth, they need about 100 new churches weekly, 5,200 a year . . . but their seminary has only trained about 400 pastors. Lay leaders have stepped up, but no one has taught them how to study and teach God’s Word. That’s why the CCC has invited us to provide resources and training!

Let me say that again: We have been ASKED, by the China Christian Council, a government agency, to train thousands of lay pastors and church leaders to study and preach the Word just as I do on Insight for Living!

You know how we do things: 100 percent of our ministry work happens because God moves in the hearts of His people . . . and they obey by giving generously.

The training in China, the broadcast in your area and more than 50 countries, translation work in eight languages, on-the-ground ministry in 12 countries, steps forward in Vision 195—NONE of this can happen if we don’t meet our operations budget at home. It all starts here. Quite honestly, it is in grave danger of stopping here . . . unless you step up.

To close our financial year on budget and continue operations uninterrupted, Insight for Living Ministries must receive $3.2 million by June 30.

God is fulfilling the Great Commission! If you’re a follower of Jesus, He IS calling you to be a part of it. Please obey His marching orders. Because our need is urgent, I urge you to send a very generous donation to Insight for Living Ministries TODAY.

With great anticipation,

Chuck Swindoll
Charles R. Swindoll

photo: clouds