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"That You May Believe"

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Today's Devotional

Facing Fear with Praise

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Marriage: From Surviving to Thriving
Help for Sticking It Out

The state of marriage has taken quite a hit in recent years. But in this book, Chuck Swindoll offers a refreshing dose of hope and sage, practical advice for keeping your marriage stable.

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Pornography Topical Page
Free Yourself from the Trap

Easily accessed through any Internet device, pornography is a serious problem affecting all ages and social classes. Let this page guide you to freedom and help you protect those you love.

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Beholding Christ . . . The Son of God
Beholding Christ

In his gospel, John opens our hearts to the Master he loved and followed. Even a hardened skeptic can find John’s account of Jesus’ invitation to believe in Him impossible to resist.

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Reframing Ministries
Find Hope in Adversity

The Reframing Ministries blog offers resources, teaching, and hope to those who are facing life’s heavier burdens for the long term. We aim to equip and empower those who are hurting.

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