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Handel’s Messiah for Young Voices

Children’s & Youth Choirs Christmas Concert

on December 11, 2022

Come and worship the Lord as our gifted young musicians sing hallelujah to Jesus, the King of Kings, with these timeless words. Pastor Chuck will give a short devotional.

Note: This live video is scheduled to begin on Sunday at 10:45 a.m. Central time. Refresh your browser window at the scheduled time to watch the video.


Previous Messages

Chuck in pulpit on 20220130

Impossible Walls Still Tumble Down

on January 30, 2022

Jericho was surrounded by a massive double wall that made conquering the city a humanly impossible challenge. But God specializes in alleged impossibilities, both then and now. Are you facing any today?

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Chuck in pulpit on 20220123

Are Spies and Lies Okay in God’s Eyes?

on January 23, 2022

Rahab’s plan for the Hebrew spies’ protection involved secret acts of dishonesty, deception, and lies. And yet she’s praised later in Scripture for it. What’s that about? Is it okay sometimes to lie?

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Chuck in the pulpit on 20220116

Confident Leadership . . . Ideal Response

on January 16, 2022

As the new leader, Joshua immediately rallied the Hebrews, challenging them to prepare for battle. His people responded enthusiastically and declared their full, confident support.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20220109

Setting the Leader on Fire

on January 9, 2022

This message introduces a study of the book of Joshua. Under his leadership, the Hebrews will finally reach the Promised Land and, by working together, claim it as their own place of residence.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20220102

Looking Ahead, Let’s Prepare for the Race

on January 2, 2022

These verses describe several essentials that prepare us for what’s coming. Pastor Chuck urges all of us to look ahead, in anticipation of what we may face and must endure in the 12 months ahead.

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Chuck in the pulpit on 20211226

Looking Back, Let’s Remember the Journey

on December 26, 2021

As the Hebrews neared the end of their 40-year wilderness trek, Moses urged them to look back and remember how the Lord had led them and tested them. Let’s do the same now for 2021.

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Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

on December 24, 2021

Join us for a peaceful evening of worship in song and story at our new Christmas Eve candlelight service. Together, we will celebrate our Savior’s birth and praise God for His wondrous gift of love.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20211219

"Love Came Down at Christmas" Concert

on December 19, 2021

Enjoy our Children’s & Youth Choirs Christmas Concert, along with a brief devotional message by Pastor Chuck Swindoll on “Christmas Angels.”

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Jonathan Murphy in the pulpit on 20211212

The Wise Worship!

on December 12, 2021

Join us for a beautiful morning of Christmas carols led by our Wind Symphony and a message from special guest Dr. Jonathan Murphy. Dr. Murphy is a professor and chair of the pastoral ministries department at Dallas Theological Seminary, and he serves on the preaching team at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth.

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