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Getting Past Yesterday’s Failures

Isaiah 58:6–12

on June 26, 2022

Pastor Chuck addresses a very common (and troubling) issue many face after hearing what the Bible teaches about the family: guilt. He hopes to bring relief from that reaction and renewed hope to press on.

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Christmas Eve Service

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

on December 24, 2021

Join us for a peaceful evening of worship in song and story at our new Christmas Eve candlelight service. Together, we will celebrate our Savior’s birth and praise God for His wondrous gift of love.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20211219

"Love Came Down at Christmas" Concert

on December 19, 2021

Enjoy our Children’s & Youth Choirs Christmas Concert, along with a brief devotional message by Pastor Chuck Swindoll on “Christmas Angels.”

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Jonathan Murphy in the pulpit on 20211212

The Wise Worship!

on December 12, 2021

Join us for a beautiful morning of Christmas carols led by our Wind Symphony and a message from special guest Dr. Jonathan Murphy. Dr. Murphy is a professor and chair of the pastoral ministries department at Dallas Theological Seminary, and he serves on the preaching team at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth.

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Chuck with Stonebriar

"Love Divine Steps into Time" Concert

on December 5, 2021

Enjoy stirring Christmas music performed by Stonebriar’s Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra, along with a brief devotional message by Pastor Chuck Swindoll.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20211128

The Integrity of Finishing Well

on November 28, 2021

The last message in this integrity series focuses again on the apostle Paul. Toward the close of his life, he reflected on the race he ran and what was waiting for him in the heavenly kingdom.

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Chuck in the pulpit on 20211121

The Integrity of Pressing On

on November 21, 2021

Paul possessed the ongoing discipline to “press on” in spite of the anguishing trials he faced. Let’s study his example of determination and grit, with no thought of quitting due to all the hardship.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20211114

The Integrity of Righteous Resistance

on November 14, 2021

A great story is preserved for us in Acts 4, where Peter and John boldly stood up against the religious authorities of their day. Hear about their uncompromising integrity mixed with fearless courage.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20211107

The Integrity of True Humility

on November 7, 2021

This series now moves into the New Testament and highlights John the Baptizer. He was a remarkable model of humility as the one sent from God to serve as the forerunner of Jesus.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20211031

The Integrity of Waiting . . . Not Worrying

on October 31, 2021

The man and the message of Habakkuk is among the least known in all the Bible. But, as we’ll see, his words tie in amazingly well with the times in which we live.

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