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Jeremiah’s Mournful Swan Song

Excerpts from Lamentations 5

From the final notes in Jeremiah’s mournful song of woe, a refrain of hope emerges. God still sits on His throne and rules the world’s affairs. He will restore His people’s joy and turn mourning to dancing.

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Previous Messages

Chuck in pulpit 20200705

Ugly Scenes of Utter Humiliation

on July 5, 2020

When calamity strikes, possessions offer no comfort. What was important isn’t anymore. How do we go on? Even as Jeremiah tours through Jerusalem’s wreckage, we find God’s hope for reconstruction.

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Chuck in pulpit 20200628

What to Remember When You Hit Bottom

on June 28, 2020

Finally, when we come to the third chapter of Lamentations, we find something in Jeremiah’s sad journal that’s encouraging! The prophet offers a bright ray of hope, and we’re ready to hear it.

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Chuck in pulpit on June 21, 2020

Coming to Terms with God’s Wrath

on June 21, 2020

We would usually prefer to talk about God’s mercy rather than His wrath. But there comes a time when our patient God must say “Enough!” to flagrant disobedience and persistent evil.

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Chuck in pulpit 20200614

None But the Lonely Heart

on June 14, 2020

The city of Jerusalem failed to heed Jeremiah’s warnings as she persisted in idolatry and disobedience. Finally, God’s judgment fell. What a passionate message for all of us living in this post-Christian world!

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Chuck in pulpit 20200607

Jeremiah’s Journal of Woe

on June 7, 2020

Pastor Chuck Swindoll presents an overview of Lamentations. These five chapters are filled with the prophet’s anguishing words over the destruction of Jerusalem, the city he loved.

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The Influence of One Devoted Parent

on May 31, 2020

Chuck focuses on an 8-year-old boy named Josiah, who became Judah’s king. His friendship and subsequent reign played a vital role in Jeremiah’s life and ministry.

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As the Prophet Laments, We Reflect

on May 24, 2020

Before delving into Lamentations in the coming weeks, Pastor Chuck Swindoll first takes a look at the life of the prophet Jeremiah. Why did he write this book? What was going on around him?

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image of cross for Good Friday service

Good Friday Worship and Communion Service

on April 10, 2020

Walk with Jesus through His final moments before His crucifixion. The Good Friday service includes communion, so join the congregation by partaking of your own bread and cup at home.

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Chuck in pulpit 20200329

What About Divine Healing? Part 2

on March 29, 2020

Rebroadcast from May 12, 2019
Chuck Swindoll helps us glean a deeper understanding into divine healing and clears up common misconceptions about healing. He finishes with practical principles to remember.

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