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Services at Stonebriar Community Church where Chuck Swindoll pastors are now available in their entirety online. Watch the live service, with Chuck preaching or watch an archive of the complete service from previous Sundays at a time that’s convenient for you.


Due to a network outage at Stonebriar Community Church, we were unable to livestream Pastor Chuck Swindoll's April 18 sermon.


Previous Messages

Chuck in pulpit on 20210411

What Every Worshiper Should Remember

on April 11, 2021

For a change, Solomon sets aside his cynicism and negative thinking as he sets forth some very reasonable, meaningful, and helpful counsel for all worshipers to ponder.

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Chuck in pulpit 20210404

Resurrection: Hoax or Hope?

on April 4, 2021

He is risen! Jesus, our Savior, rose from the dead, and all who believe in Him will live forever in heaven. Come and celebrate the miracle of God’s redeeming love for us on Resurrection Sunday.

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Chuck in pulpit Good Friday 20210402

Good Friday Service

on April 2, 2021

Come and reflect on the price Jesus paid to forgive our sins and set us free. Join us on Good Friday for beautiful worship music led by our String Quartet, a prayerful observance of the Lord’s Table, and powerful narrations from God’s Word by Pastor Chuck Swindoll.

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Chuck in pulpit 20210328

One Plus One Equals Survival

on March 28, 2021

Loneliness is a growing problem in our pseudo-connected world. In these verses, we learn the key to surviving the lonely, desolate days between here and eternity: “two are better than one.”

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Chuck in pulpit on 20210321

The Lonely Whine of the Top Dog

on March 21, 2021

Lest we think that those who have reached the top of the ladder now “have it made,” Solomon pulls back the curtain and reveals that, more often than not, they’re frustrated, lonely, and empty souls.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20210314

Twisted Thoughts of a Cynical Mind

on March 14, 2021

We continue to look over Solomon’s shoulder as he records his limited understanding, dark thinking, and confused observations in his journal named Ecclesiastes.

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Jonathan Murphy in pulpit 20210307

Rebuilding Through the Word

on March 7, 2021

This Sunday Jonathan Murphy will be preaching while Pastor Chuck is away from the pulpit.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20210228

Do You Know What Time It Is?

on February 28, 2021

Life is a gift that arrives in daily packages of 24 hours of time, carefully wrapped and clearly marked, “Handle with Care!” Let’s see how Solomon reflected on this truth.

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Chuck in the pulpit on 20210221

More Miles of Bad Road

on February 21, 2021

Solomon reached the point in his life where he looked back with only regret and looked ahead with only dread. What a tragic way to live! Thankfully, that isn’t all there is to the story.

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