• God’s Skill as Creator

    | May 11, 2018
    Psalm 139 links us with God. This song, like few other passages of Scripture, connects us with our Creator. It answers four of the most frequently asked questions that come to our minds about God.
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  • Nothing Is Hidden from God

    | May 10, 2018
    There were times in my childhood when I would become fearful at night. (You may recall having similar feelings.) At those times I would grab the covers and snatch them over my head.
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  • God Is Ever Near

    | May 09, 2018
    All right, so God knows me and controls me; He can do that at a distance, through millions and millions of light years of space. But is He near? According to Psalm 139, David's song about the amazing attributes of God, yes.
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  • God Controls the Details

    | May 08, 2018
    The Lord remains in complete control of the smallest details of His creation; He is all-knowing and all-powerful. Knowing us as He does, He puts the necessary controls upon us. The fact that He "encloses" us could be misunderstood.
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  • God’s Intimate Knowledge

    | May 07, 2018
    If you've ever been a part of a large organization, such as a multibillion-dollar corporation or a governmental agency or a university, it's unlikely you've ever met the people at the top of the leadership chain.
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  • Important to God

    | May 06, 2018
    Most folks struggle with feelings of insignificance from time to time . . . For some, feeling insignificant is not simply a periodic battle; it is a daily grind! We know deep down inside we're valuable.
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  • God Responds

    | May 05, 2018
    Did God respond to the plea of Psalm 137? Absolutely! After seventy years in exile, every Jew who wanted to return to rebuild the city of Jerusalem and restore the temple was allowed to do so. And the Jews learned their lesson.
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  • Turning to God

    | May 04, 2018
    The composer of Psalm 137 acknowledged the sorrow of his situation, recognizing that Judah had brought this chastisement upon themselves. But he didn't stay in the doldrums.
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  • Remember God’s Promises

    | May 03, 2018
    After relating the anguish of lingering consequences in Psalm 137:1–3, the writer does a little self-analysis. His perspective shifts from looking outward to searching within. He asks a reasonable question in verse 4.
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  • Losing God’s Blessings

    | May 02, 2018
    The historical background of Psalm 137 is very sad. The people of God failed to heed centuries of warnings and found themselves living with the consequences of disobedience.
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  • Consequences of Bad Decisions

    | May 01, 2018
    No one can deny the relentless pain brought on by enduring the consequences of wrong actions. It may be as quick and simple as the sting following a swat from a parent's paddle or as lingering and severe as a prison sentence.
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  • Weaned from Pride

    | Apr 30, 2018
    As is true of all of us on special occasions, David had learned a truth that was so exciting he had to share it. He wanted his entire nation to enter into this joyous experience with him.
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  • Composed and Quiet

    | Apr 29, 2018
    Having chosen to enter a season of quietness, stepping back from public view, David examines the effect of humility on his soul. Psalm 131 contains several curious word pictures.
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  • Teachability

    | Apr 28, 2018
    David's song, preserved for us as Psalm 131, says that he does not involve himself in great matters or "things too difficult for him." The idea here is that he doesn't pursue places of prominence or greatness.
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  • A Proud or Humble Heart

    | Apr 27, 2018
    In a matter-of-fact fashion, David addresses the Lord in Psalm 131. Throughout the song, he carries on a conversation with his God. While humility is the subject, the focus is himself.
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  • Genuine Humility

    | Apr 26, 2018
    With a mere three verses, Psalm 131 is one of the shortest chapters in the Bible. If it is ever true, however, that good things come in small packages, this psalm is proof of that.
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  • An Investment in the Future

    | Apr 25, 2018
    The domestic scene now reaches completion. The children are trained, reared, and launched from the nest. The psalmist paints a pleasant picture of serenity, which includes three realms of blessing.
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  • The Importance of Leadership

    | Apr 24, 2018
    Solomon's songs of the strong family, Psalms 127 and 128, contain an emphasis on leadership. Having considered the value of children (127:3–5), he examines the role of leadership in the home.
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  • The Bricks and Mortar

    | Apr 23, 2018
    If a relationship with God is the foundation of a home (Psalm 127:1–2), the children are the bricks and mortar. Wise King Solomon continues his celebration of the strong home with a focus on the value of children.
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  • Building a Strong Foundation

    | Apr 22, 2018
    The pair of songs on the home, Psalms 127 and 128, begins with a look at the foundation. How does one establish a family legacy that will survive the inevitable crises, and then thrive for generations?
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