• Building a Strong Foundation

    | Apr 22, 2018
    The pair of songs on the home, Psalms 127 and 128, begins with a look at the foundation. How does one establish a family legacy that will survive the inevitable crises, and then thrive for generations?
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  • Songs of Family Strength

    | Apr 21, 2018
    Maybe it doesn't sound very spiritual, but some aspects of family living can be a grind! Rearing a household of busy children, maintaining good communication, . . . can be a first-class chore!
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  • The Truth Perspective

    | Apr 20, 2018
    A brief examination of Psalm 119 reveals benefits gained by those who absorb the Word. Let's put three of them, wisdom, insight, and understanding,to the test by looking at a case study.
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  • God’s Word the Cure

    | Apr 19, 2018
    As I glance over Psalm 119:98–100, I see three benefits gained by those who absorb the Word: wisdom, insight, and understanding. Wisdom is the ability to look at life and its difficulties from God's point of view.
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  • A Lack of Knowledge

    | Apr 18, 2018
    Sometimes the grind of low enthusiasm results from not having sufficient knowledge to address life's difficulties. While additional training . . . can certainly help, all knowledge must be built upon a foundation of spiritual wisdom.
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  • A Spiritual Problem

    | Apr 17, 2018
    The psalmist's lengthy poem about the Word of God holds the keys to regaining enthusiasm. Psalm 119 helps to identify issues that drag us down so we can address them with wisdom from above.
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  • Needing More

    | Apr 16, 2018
    Psalm 119—the longest song in the ancient hymnal—is a song that is full of "God in" kind of statements. Over and over it affirms the value of having God's Word in our lives. It keeps pounding away on that theme.
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  • From the Depths to the Heights

    | Apr 15, 2018
    In just a few verses, the songwriter of Psalm 116 has climbed from the utter depths of grief and sorrow to the heights of praising God. His journey undoubtedly took many months, however.
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  • A Public Response

    | Apr 14, 2018
    Psalm 116, a lament of grief and sorrow, takes a positive turn with the composer deciding how he will respond to the Lord's deliverance (116:12). He promised to tell the story of God's rescue.
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  • A Song of Deliverance

    | Apr 13, 2018
    The psalmist's lament in Psalm 116 expresses reasons to love the Lord despite the soul-crushing burden of grief and sorrow.
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  • A Song of Sadness

    | Apr 12, 2018
    Psalm 116 is the lament of a man surrounded by grief and sorrow, most likely because death has touched his life. Let's take a few moments to probe a little deeper into a song of sadness. The first line of the psalmist's song is surprising.
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  • Sadness Abounds

    | Apr 11, 2018
    It is easy for those who are strong and healthy to forget how many tears of sorrow and grief are shed every day. All around this aching world—perhaps in your own home or in your heart this very week—sadness abounds.
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  • Response to Others

    | Apr 10, 2018
    Psalm 101, David's spiritual manifesto in song, began with a list of admirable qualities the king desired to cultivate. He then took a good look around him to determine how he would respond to different kinds of individuals.
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  • Staying On Course

    | Apr 09, 2018
    Having identified four qualities to cultivate, David's spiritual manifesto in Psalm 101 continues with several declarations, each intended to keep him on course in pursuit of his divine purpose. David no longer looks within, he looks around.
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  • Honesty and Purity

    | Apr 08, 2018
    Psalm 101 names four great qualities a believer must possess in order to discern his or her divine purpose. Without these four virtues to clarify one's vision, confusion abounds.
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  • Honor and Integrity

    | Apr 07, 2018
    I once heard the president of a seminary express his concern over the school by saying, "I fear we may be turning out graduates with a great number of beliefs but not enough conviction." Conviction gives beliefs a backbone.
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  • A Life of Purpose

    | Apr 06, 2018
    Some people seem to drift aimlessly through life, headed in no specific direction. Without clearly defined objectives, it is not surprising that many adopt a lifestyle that lacks definition and purpose.
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  • Because of Who God Is

    | Apr 05, 2018
    Having called the whole world to join him in song, the psalmist declares the reason God deserves universal thanksgiving and praise. His rationale for worldwide celebration is based on three facts concerning the Lord's character.
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  • Give Thanks and Praise

    | Apr 04, 2018
    Psalm 100:4 contains two commands. Both of these commands urge us to speak directly to the Lord. Give thanks to Him (100:4). The Hebrew command "give thanks" is a single verb that means "to confess, praise, acknowledge, extol, thank."
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  • Cultivate Relationship with God

    | Apr 03, 2018
    Psalm 100 is an extended command to worship the Lord, giving specific instructions to follow. The first three commands in 100:1–2 are directly related to cultivating a spirit of joy.
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