• Shifting the Stress by Prayer and Rest

    | Nov 25, 2017
    In Parts One through Three we talked about some strategies for alleviating stress. Prayer is another relief—an essential therapy during stressful times. I'm reminded of David on one occasion.
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  • Stress Reduction: Spreading Out the Workload

    | Nov 24, 2017
    We've been talking about the very common and very real problem of stress. Today I'd like to tackle a practical suggestion for stress-reduction: spreading out the workload. There is a side of stress that is easily overlooked.
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  • Overcoming Worry

    | Nov 23, 2017
    In Part One, we looked at a couple of New Testament examples (one negative—Martha, the other positive—Jesus) of people under stress. Let's now go back to the Old Testament and lift out some familiar words of hope.
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  • Two Perspectives on Stress

    | Nov 22, 2017
    There is an old Greek motto that says: YOU WILL BREAK THE BOW IF YOU KEEP IT ALWAYS BENT. Wise words, but how do we loosen the strings? Even when we make every effort to slow down and relax, others place high demands on us.
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  • Tension in the Tank, Part Two

    | Nov 21, 2017
    In the northeastern United States, codfish are not only delectable, they are a big commercial business. There's a market for eastern cod all over, especially in sections farthest removed from the northeast coastline.
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  • Tension in the Tank, Part One

    | Nov 20, 2017
    Ever felt sorry for certain Scriptures? I sure have. I'm talking about passages like John 3:17, Hebrews 4:13, 1 John 1:10, and Philippians 4:14. Great verses, all . . . yet the popularity of their next-door neighbors has resulted in their being virtually ignored.
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  • The Sting of the Thorn, Part Two

    | Nov 19, 2017
    We've been talking about Jesus's parable in Mark 4:1–20 about the farmer who sows seeds in four different types of soil. As I mentioned in Part One, I'm bothered by the third group because thorns come in and destroy the healthy growth of the Christian.
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  • The Sting of the Thorn, Part One

    | Nov 18, 2017
    Give the Reverend Dullard Drydust enough time and he will manage to confuse most sections of the Bible. Because we preachers are notorious for getting hung up on . . . theological trivia, we often shy away from those passages that appear nontechnical.
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  • "Won't Someone Please Stop Me?" Part Two

    | Nov 17, 2017
    Strange, isn't it, how we tend toward extremes? What begins as self-improvement becomes self-enslavement . . . what starts as merely a mellow change of pace leads to a marathon of fanaticism. We're nuts! Left to ourselves, we'll opt for extremes most every time.
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  • "Won't Someone Please Stop Me?" Part One

    | Nov 16, 2017
    I laughed my way through Judith Viorst's How Did I Get to Be Forty and Other Atrocities. I've long since passed the half-century mark, so it seemed reasonable that I should at least face the music of being forty.
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  • The Home, Part Two

    | Nov 15, 2017
    If you are involved in church or religious activities to the point that your home life is hurting, you're too involved—and you're heading for trouble. Look at what you're doing in the light of eternity. God is primarily interested in the quality, not quantity, of our spiritual fruit.
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  • The Home, Part One

    | Nov 14, 2017
    God has ordained and established three great institutions: the home (Genesis 1:27–28; Ephesians 5:22–31), the church (Matthew 16:18; Acts 2:41–47), and government (Romans 13:1–7). There is no question regarding our belief that the church and state (government) should be separate and distinct.
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  • Healing, Part Two

    | Nov 13, 2017
    When it comes to physical healing, often confusion reigns. To combat it, I'd like to point out five "laws" of suffering. These "laws" will do more to help the hurting and erase their confusion than perhaps anything else they could read.
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  • Healing, Part One

    | Nov 12, 2017
    "Have you heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?" That question, found in a small booklet, has been asked and answered thousands—perhaps millions—of times in our generation. These "laws" have been used by God to introduce His plan of love and forgiveness.
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  • The Shores of Lake Contentment, Part Two

    | Nov 11, 2017
    What a beautiful scene in the soul is Lake Contentment! Undisturbed by outside noises brought on by the jackhammers of exaggeration, those who enjoy the lake know what relaxation is all about. They know nothing of any winter of discontent.
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  • The Shores of Lake Contentment, Part One

    | Nov 10, 2017
    A number of years ago I read that, believe it or not, the average American is exposed to about three hundred advertisements a day. Today that number has very likely increased!
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  • The Tongue of the Wise, Part Two

    | Nov 09, 2017
    We've been talking about the rare but essential quality of tact. I mentioned that the classic example of tactless humanity is the abrasive Christian who feels it is his or her calling to fight for the truth with little or no regard for the other fella's feelings.
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  • The Tongue of the Wise, Part One

    | Nov 08, 2017
    Wisely labeled "the saving virtue," tact graces a life like fragrance graces a rose. One whiff of those red petals erases any memory of the thorns. Tact is like that. It's remarkable how peaceful and pleasant it can make us.
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  • Contradictory Truths, Part Two

    | Nov 07, 2017
    God often delivers His best gifts to us in unexpected ways . . . with surprises inside the wrappings. Through apparent contradictions. Somewhat like the therapy He used when Elijah was so low, so terribly disillusioned. How did the Lord minister to him?
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  • Contradictory Truths, Part One

    | Nov 06, 2017
    Tom Landry, the late head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, was once quoted as saying something like this: "I have a job to do that is not very complicated, but it is often difficult: to get a group of men to do what they don't want to do so they can achieve the one thing they have wanted all their lives."
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