• A Message from God

    | Jan 28, 2018
    As though David continues his worship service, he opens his mouth and shares a message from God, which is the major theme of this composition. We can imagine his standing before the people . . .
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  • A Song of Praise

    | Jan 27, 2018
    Having worshiped God in a short doxology, David reflects on the greatness of his God and, in doing so, offers praise. Observe as King David takes his place before a congregation of believers to lead them in worship.
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  • The Majesty of God

    | Jan 26, 2018
    As I observe Psalm 8, three introductory observations leap off the page. First, it is a psalm of David, written under the Holy Spirit's direction. These are not merely the idle reflections of a creative artist.
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  • The Value of God’s Creatures

    | Jan 25, 2018
    All of us need to be needed. We want to be wanted. God created us with a desire to know we can contribute something valuable and to have a significant impact in the lives of others.
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  • God’s Shield against Discouragement

    | Jan 24, 2018
    Sometimes we suffer discouragement because of difficult circumstances caused by no one in particular: natural disasters, disease, economic downturns, injury. Frequently, however, we suffer because enemies cause us harm and refuse to stop.
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  • Agents of God’s Will

    | Jan 23, 2018
    Having reviewed the attributes of God, focusing on His sovereignty and goodness, David examines himself (Psalm 5:7–8). "But as for me, by Your abundant lovingkindness I will enter Your house . . ."
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  • The Attributes of God

    | Jan 22, 2018
    After the plea in Psalm 5:1–3, David begins to think through the day that spreads out before him, giving extra consideration to those he would encounter. His song addresses four specific realms of interest.
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  • The Psalmist’s Plea

    | Jan 21, 2018
    Some psalms are difficult to outline; others easily lend themselves to an organized layout. Psalm 5 falls in the latter category. It begins with a plea (Psalm 5:1–3) directed to the Lord, whom David addresses, "O LORD . . . my King . . . "
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  • A Song of Circumstance

    | Jan 20, 2018
    Songs are usually born out of surrounding circumstances that so affect the thinking of the composer, he cannot help but burst forth with a melody and an accompanying set of lyrics describing his plight.
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  • A Life beyond Compare

    | Jan 19, 2018
    The central lesson in Psalm 1 is this: there is not the slightest similarity between the spiritually accelerating life of the righteous and the slowly eroding life of the wicked. Take time to ponder the bold contrasts.
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  • The Ungodly Life

    | Jan 18, 2018
    A key observation in Psalm1:4–6 is contrast. Don't miss the many things that are quite the opposite from the preceding verses. "The wicked are not so, but they are like chaff which the wind drives away."
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  • An Uncompromising Walk

    | Jan 17, 2018
    As I read Psalm 1, three illustrations from the Bible flash into my mind. Two men flirted with evil, then fell; but there was one other who refused to begin a "walk in the counsel of the wicked."
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  • The Godly Life

    | Jan 16, 2018
    In the first three verses of Psalm 1, the psalmist describes the one who chooses to live a righteous life, the one who consciously resists the subtle inroads of compromise.
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  • Compromise and Erosion

    | Jan 15, 2018
    The Hebrews' ancient hymnal begins with a song that addresses one of life's most common grinds: compromise. Please understand, I'm not referring to those give-and-take times so necessary for living in harmony with one another.
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  • Brought to Our Knees

    | Jan 14, 2018
    Time, like an ever-rolling stream, takes all its sons away. As never before in this generation, we realize that we are dependent upon God for protection and strength.
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  • Why, God? Part Two

    | Jan 13, 2018
    In my 67 years on this earth I thought I had just about seen it all . . . until September 11, 2001. On that day I got a new understanding of the total depravity of humanity. And, as a byproduct, I have a new appreciation for the gifts of liberty and life itself.
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  • Why, God? Part One

    | Jan 12, 2018
    The date, September 11, 2001, is forever etched in our national memory. That morning stands as the never-to-be-forgotten hour when time stood still as we stared in horror and disbelief.
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  • Courage Transfusion, Part Five

    | Jan 11, 2018
    We've been talking about the need in our day for a courage transfusion. Drawing from 1 Corinthians 16:13, we've looked at three important commands: Stay alert! Stand alone! Grow up!
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  • Courage Transfusion, Part Four

    | Jan 10, 2018
    It's childish not to want to change. My mind drifts to the two little grandchildren who were living in our home for a few months before our son Chuck and his wife Jeni moved them to their new home.
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  • Courage Transfusion, Part Three

    | Jan 09, 2018
    Once we've been assured of the foundational principles we've covered thus far in this devotional series, the challenge we face in our chaotic times is painfully obvious. What we need is a courage transfusion.
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