• The Tongue of the Wise, Part One

    | Nov 08, 2017
    Wisely labeled "the saving virtue," tact graces a life like fragrance graces a rose. One whiff of those red petals erases any memory of the thorns. Tact is like that. It's remarkable how peaceful and pleasant it can make us.
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  • Contradictory Truths, Part Two

    | Nov 07, 2017
    God often delivers His best gifts to us in unexpected ways . . . with surprises inside the wrappings. Through apparent contradictions. Somewhat like the therapy He used when Elijah was so low, so terribly disillusioned. How did the Lord minister to him?
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  • Contradictory Truths, Part One

    | Nov 06, 2017
    Tom Landry, the late head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, was once quoted as saying something like this: "I have a job to do that is not very complicated, but it is often difficult: to get a group of men to do what they don't want to do so they can achieve the one thing they have wanted all their lives."
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  • The Family: No Substitute Will Do, Part Two

    | Nov 05, 2017
    It's true: there's no substitute for the family! Yesterday I related a rather amusing story about mine. I'm sure you can recall times in your own family that make you chuckle. Other times those family memories are deeply profound and stabilizing.
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  • The Family: No Substitute Will Do, Part One

    | Nov 04, 2017
    Try all you like, you simply cannot find a substitute for the family. God planned it that way. In spite of all we're reading and seeing these days designed to make us think we've entered the family-phase-out era, don't you believe it!
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  • Houdini's Secret, Part Two

    | Nov 03, 2017
    Yesterday I told you a story about an amazing feat by Harry Houdini in which he escaped from locked handcuffs before a roaring crowd—incredible stuff! He later admitted that he stopped repeatedly to address the crowd because he needed their applause to keep up his enthusiasm!
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  • Houdini's Secret, Part One

    | Nov 02, 2017
    Erich Weiss was a remarkable man. By the time of his death he was famous around the world. Never heard of him, huh? Maybe this will help. He was born of Hungarian-Jewish parentage at Appleton, Wisconsin, in 1874.
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  • Hidden Heroes, Part Two

    | Nov 01, 2017
    As we discussed in Part One, Martin Luther, hero of the Protestant Reformation, was a maverick, a classic shaker and mover. Alone . . . independent . . . invincible. He needed no one but God to lean on. Or did he?
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  • Hidden Heroes, Part One

    | Oct 31, 2017
    Up-front heroes are often seen as being larger than life. Overstated. That's unfortunate. Because they are public figures, folks think of them as broad-shouldered giants who can leap tall buildings in a single bound.
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  • Grandparenting, Part Two

    | Oct 30, 2017
    Grandparents. What amazing gifts from God. Generation after generation He provides a fresh set of them . . . an ever-present counterculture in our busy world. Lest everyone else get so involved they no longer stop to smell the flowers.
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  • Grandparenting, Part One

    | Oct 29, 2017
    It's bad enough that, until recently, Webster omitted "parenting" in his dictionary . . . but continuing to disregard "grandparenting" is somewhere between incompetent and inexcusable! Okay, okay, so it isn't an official word.
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  • The Problem with Progress, Part Two

    | Oct 28, 2017
    Though in time we may laud their boldness and radical qualities, in their day most progressive dreamers are seen as permissive, wild-eyed extremists. I came across a rather remarkable letter purportedly written over one hundred and fifty years ago.
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  • The Problem with Progress, Part One

    | Oct 27, 2017
    Progress seems like a two-headed giant, doesn't it? Looking back on it, it is admirable, almost heroic. We salute visionaries of yesteryear. They emerge from the pages of our history books as men and women of gallant faith.
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  • The Church, Part Two

    | Oct 26, 2017
    Yesterday, we discovered Dr. Jay Kesler's five reasons why the church really is a big deal. No, it isn't perfect (you're a part of it, aren't you?) and it hasn't always modeled its message. But whatever is next in order of importance is a distant second.
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  • The Church, Part One

    | Oct 25, 2017
    So, what's the big deal about the church? Good question. And it deserves a good answer. Something more than, "You gotta have one to get married in," or "It's the place kids oughta be on Sunday." Or how about, "There's not a better spot to make business contacts."
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  • Sunday Listening, Part Two

    | Oct 24, 2017
    We've been talking about the essential skill of listening, particularly as it relates to Sunday sermons. I asked you to come up with some ideas on what can be done by the listener (not the preacher) to keep the sermon interesting.
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  • Sunday Listening, Part One

    | Oct 23, 2017
    Most of us were born hearing well, but all of us must learn to listen well. Listening is a skill, an art that is in need of being cultivated. Dr. Ralph Nichols . . . believes that we think four, perhaps five, times faster than we talk.
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  • My Lord and His Return

    | Oct 22, 2017
    One evening my wife and I were enjoying a quiet conversation together. We were sipping some fresh-perked coffee, the house was unusually still, and there were no plans to go anywhere that evening.
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  • A Touch of Class, Part Two

    | Oct 21, 2017
    Yesterday, I mentioned my disgust with the prevailing notion in many evangelical churches that elegance and class have no place in the landscape of spirituality. But even the ancient places of worship were stunningly beautiful.
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  • A Touch of Class, Part One

    | Oct 20, 2017
    It's gone on long enough. The pigsty in the landscape has to go. If we expect the tourist traffic to increase and the visitors to return to Lake Evangelicalism, we're gonna have to do something about the ugly ducklings. Some changes are long overdue.
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