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The Greatest of These Is . . .

1 Corinthians 13

on June 23, 2024

Join us this Sunday to hear Rhome van Dyck deliver a timely message from God's Word.

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Note: This live video is scheduled to begin on Sunday at 10:45 a.m. Central time. Refresh your browser window at the scheduled time to watch the video.



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Previous Messages

Born Is the King

on December 4, 2022

Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our King, with this beautiful concert of worship. Put aside all the stresses of the season and enjoy a morning of classical Christmas music.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20221127

Brave Advocate for the Poor

on November 27, 2022

The powerful preacher Micah defended the downtrodden with vigilant zeal. He courageously shouted out God's strong reproofs to the rich, predicted judgment upon all the ungodly, and told the truth.

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Bill Butterworth in pulpit on 20221120

Victory in the Valley

on November 20, 2022

Stonebriar Community Church welcomes Rev. Bill Butterworth this Sunday as guest speaker.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20221113

The Prodigal Prophet

on November 13, 2022

The classic example of a rebel, Jonah is probably the best known of all prophets. But the book of Jonah also provides the clearest revelation in all the Old Testament of the missionary heart of our God.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20221106

Strong Warnings to the Proud

on November 6, 2022

Obadiah’s warnings related to a particular situation and an imminent threat. His message was not to Israel or Judah but to Edom, and there was no hope of restoration for them.

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Dr. Jonathan Murphy in pulpit on 20221030

God Tax

on October 30, 2022

Stonebriar Community Church welcomes Dr. Jonathan Murphy this Sunday as guest speaker.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20221023

The Prophet Who Refused to Back Off

on October 23, 2022

Amos was quite a character! He was a country preacher and “picker of sycamore figs.” He was God’s unpolished, straight-talking messenger, who refused to listen to the sophisticated priest from the king’s palace.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20221016

Never, Ever Forget the Locusts!

on October 16, 2022

The prophet Joel has the spotlight in this message, with his passionate warnings and call for repentance to Judah. But these bleak warnings were then followed by the promise of restoration.

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Chuck in pulpit on 20221009

A Scandal in the Parsonage

on October 9, 2022

The first prophet Pastor Chuck focuses on is Hosea. What an amazing prophet! The Lord directed him to marry a prostitute, which became a “living parable” of God’s ongoing love for His adulterous people.

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