Invitation from Chuck Swindoll

Dear Friends:

Chuck Swindoll

For thousands of years, no place has been more meaningful to God’s children than Israel. God used the sites, scenes, and events of Israel to shape the lives of His people in the Bible—and He’s doing the same today.

Israel’s rugged landscape reminds you to find refuge in God alone. Its fertile valleys invite you to follow your Shepherd. Jerusalem’s position at the center of the world announces God’s authority over the nations. Every time I’ve visited the Holy Land, I’ve returned home changed . . . really, every time.

I want you to have the same life-changing experience!

Insight for Living Ministries 2020 Israel Tour will be an unforgettable journey of faith. The songs we’ll sing, the places we’ll visit, and the guests who will serve us have all been carefully chosen to make the Bible come alive and draw you closer to God. To help you spiritually prepare for each site, we’ll provide insightful Bible-study materials. To help you grasp each location’s biblical and historical significance, we’ll bring highly qualified Dallas Theological Seminary professors to complement our handpicked Israeli guides. On every bus, we’ll also have a couple from Insight for Living Ministries staff or Stonebriar Community Church leadership who will really spark joy into your whole experience. We call these couples “shepherds,” and that is indeed how they will serve you. No organization I know of offers this level of exceptional instruction and personal inspiration for Holy Land travelers.

All along the way, I’ll be teaching from God’s Word. We’ll worship at the Mount of Beatitudes. We’ll share the Lord’s Table at the Garden Tomb. Gifted artists will lead us in musical and dramatic presentations in the amphitheater where kings sat and where Paul stood on trial. We’ll sail the Sea of Galilee and visit places where Jesus proclaimed the gospel, taught His disciples, and healed the sick.

If you’ve ever longed to visit Israel, I urge you to examine this brochure. Imagine walking along those sacred sites and seriously pray about joining us. Then book your reservation! I can’t wait to start planning the trip of a lifetime together.

Anticipating great things ahead,

Charles R. Swindoll