Simple Faith

The Sermon on the Mount - A Study of Matthew 5-7

Real Christianity. Where is it? What does it look like? Many Christians are wondering that these days—especially those who once based their faith on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ but have since become trapped in the rat race of performance-based faith . . . caged by the self-imposed demands of works, works, and more works. As a result, many now wonder, “What is real Christianity?”

Simple Faith is about gaining freedom from tyrannical expectations and rediscovering the beauty of what Christ really taught. It’s about getting out of the cage and winging your way back to freedom, peace, and rest in Jesus. Simple Faith recounts the real message of the Sermon on the Mount—what it means to live an authentic, uncomplicated life. In short, it is a call to simple faith.

People are talking

Recently, while listening to Chuck on WCRF here in Cleveland I was inspired to move out in faith as Abraham was. I LOVE the book and audio series. It has highly contributed to my deciding to enroll at Dallas Theological Seminary to pursue a Masters in Counseling.

—Bill, Ohio

It is so good to get to know people from all over the world. It's fun to have different perspectives. It's like a college class traveling around together.

—D.B., Kansas