employees putting the final touches on a project

A Challenge to Be Extraordinary

Insight for Living Ministries (IFLM) provides an unusual work atmosphere among ministries. This is due, in part, to a clearly defined cultural standard which we believe results in a productive staff and ultimately, good stewardship. This standard is best described through ten attributes which essentially define a style of interaction, the importance of responsibility, and a form of accountability. We challenge you to be committed to these qualities—an all-important factor to you being fulfilled and productive in this organization.

A Model for Excellence

  1. Commitment: We must understand that our job is more than an occupation; it's a calling. As such, we should be committed to serving God through the ministry of IFLM using our God-given talents and learned skills. The question, "Why do you work here?" is ideally answered, "Because I'm committed to the mission God has given IFLM of assisting people in their spiritual growth."
  2. Drive: We must not be satisfied with the status quo, even when we are meeting expectations, but we should be motivated to pursue excellence, to stretch ourselves creatively, and to progress. The drive for progress arises from the need to explore, invent, discover, achieve, change, and improve. The IFLM employee should consistently ask, "How can we do this better?"
  3. Goals: We must focus our energy on specific objectives and regularly measure results. This means embracing both divisional and individual goals and willingly assisting other departments in their efforts. Contribution to our mission is the standard by which goals are prioritized, and success is achieved when all divisions are working effectively and efficiently to accomplish our mission.
  4. Knowledge: We must never be satisfied with our present level of knowledge, and we must continually improve and hone both personal and professional skills. With nothing to prove, we should listen to others and be as committed to learning as we are to teaching.
  5. Attitude: We must respond with a receptive, enthusiastic attitude to challenges and focus on what is possible. We should enjoy the company of our fellow workers, knowing that laughter and cooperation are keys to harmonious relationships within and among departments.
  6. Adaptable: We must willingly adapt to changing environments, methods, or procedures. This means continually seeking new ideas, combinations, and relationships which will get the job done more efficiently or effectively. Long-range strategic directions must be married with short-term needs and requirements.
  7. Responsible: We must take the responsibilities of our jobs personally and deal openly and quickly with mistakes. Think ahead. With tenacity and persistence, work tasks through to completion, and willingly tackle tough jobs. As Chuck has described, "Doing what you said you would do is simply an issue of integrity. There is no substitute for having the guts to keep your word."
  8. Team: We must ably cooperate and contribute to a team atmosphere, respecting the collective skills of those with whom we work. We should be focused on common objectives and be energized by the opportunity to accomplish bigger things together.
  9. Assertive: We must confidently express opinions and ideas that we believe will benefit our team and/or the ministry. We recognize that little outside of our mission, core values, and statement of faith is unchanging.
  10. Integrated: We must remember that there is no separation between work and ministry, whether it involves direct communication with our constituents or behind-the-scenes support. We should pray over tasks, with each other, for IFLM's ministry, and for our constituents, whose roles are strategic to the furtherance of this work. Recognize that your personal spiritual strength forms the bedrock on which significant accomplishment is made possible.

At Insight for Living Ministries, we are individually responsible and motivated to accomplish our goals with integrity and faithfulness, brilliant creativity and innovative methods, with positive attitudes and enthusiasm. We maintain an unbending passion for the clear delivery of God's Word and its practical application to the world through an unchanging commitment to our mission and core values.