At Insight for Living Ministries (IFLM), our devotion to delivering biblically rich content has been steadfast for over 40 years: we are committed to excellence in communicating biblical truth and its application worldwide. We exist to make God’s Word accessible and applicable to the real and relevant, critical and crucial needs of people right where they are.

After beginning the ministry on 18 broadcast stations, Insight for Living currently airs in 10 languages spanning more than 75 countries. Approximately 3.6 billion people are able to hear the broadcast in their native language! With a strategic call to reach the nations with God’s truth, which we have named Vision 195, our earnest desire is to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission by making disciples in all 195 countries and in their 6,875 heart languages.

When you join the IFLM staff, you’ll become part of a group of talented professionals uniquely gifted and called to help people around the world discover the life-changing power of God’s Word. You’ll meet the deepest spiritual needs . . . and truly make a difference in doing so.

Open Positions

What Makes Insight for Living Ministries Different?

staff welcoming a new employee Every organization develops a culture based on “who they are” and what is valued. Here are some of the distinctives of IFLM’s culture.


Candidate Resources

  • The Calling: Why Work at Insight for Living Ministries? 
    Your work has global impact.

    You want your work to count, to impact more than just a line item.

    We understand.

    One out of three people in the world have yet to hear the name of Jesus. Insight for Living Ministries (IFLM) aims to not only share the gospel with those who have yet to hear but also play a key role in helping people know the Savior more deeply, in all 195 countries and in all 6,875 heart languages!

    What motivation . . . what impact!

    Since 1979, IFLM has broadcast Chuck Swindoll’s messages and provided resources throughout the world, equipping believers with solid biblical truth. Our global reach extends so that our materials have been downloaded, viewed, read, or heard in nearly every country of the world.

    Our employees are driven by the Great Commission and passionately desire to see lives changed for Christ. Nearly 40 percent of IFLMs’ staff have served for 10 years or longer sowing into the lives of others for God’s glorious kingdom.

    When you work at IFLM, your work has global impact and makes a meaningful contribution to God’s kingdom initiatives.

  • The Right Fit: Successful Insight for Living Ministries Candidates 
    Get a snapshot of the qualities we are looking for.

    Here is a snapshot of qualities that a potentially successful candidate to Insight for Living Ministries (IFLM) would possess.

    • Spiritual Maturity
      Maturity’s characteristics include possessing a biblical worldview, bearing fruit of the Spirit consistently, and displaying gospel-centered humility as a representative of Jesus Christ.
    • Calling
      IFLM seeks candidates who sense God’s strong leading to work in ministry.
    • Integrity
      Lives characterized by integrity are solid and stable; integrity ensures our ministry honors God and operates above reproach in its practices and ethics.
    • Professionalism
      Our employees and top candidates exude a professional presence, demeanor, and attitude, as well as demonstrate a confident trust in Christ.
    • Reputation for Excellence
      IFLM eagerly seeks applicants who possess a history of quality work that demonstrates the desire to glorify God in both process and results.
    • Flexibility
      Priorities can change. We seek potential employees who can flex as tasks and priorities are modified.
    • Teamwork
      A great applicant values cooperation, collaboration, and community.
    • Competency
      Necessary experience and expertise in one’s occupation field is key.
  • Interview Process and Tips 
    We honor the people we serve . . . and the people we serve with.

    At Insight for Living Ministries (IFLM), we believe people are made in the image of God and are deeply valued by Him. With this in mind, we seek to honor both the people we serve and the people who serve alongside us. If you interview with IFLM, you’ll be treated with respect and dignity. We want to know your passions, your interests, and what drives you. And we’ll interview you in a manner that is welcoming and friendly.

    Our Interview Process

    Successful applicants usually progress through the interview process in the following manner:

    • A phone interview with our Human Resources Department
    • Pre-employment testing
    • An in-person interview with our Human Resources Department
    • An in-person interview with the hiring manager and potential team members

    Your Interview Preparation

    As you prepare to interview with IFLM, expect to discuss:

    • When you became a Christian
    • How God is currently working in your life
    • Your devotional life
    • Your church attendance and involvement
    • Your spiritual gifts, God-given talents and skills, and how those correlate with IFLMs’ mission and the open ministry position
    • Your job-specific experience, education, and qualifications
  • You’re Hired! 
    Our staff works diligently to care for people. We strive to take care of our staff. Learn about compensation and benefits.

    Compensation and Benefits

    Our staff works diligently to care for people. We strive to take care of our staff.

    Insight for Living Ministries (IFLM) has always been generous with its employee benefit package, and our employees strongly agree.


    IFLM offers fair and competitive compensation, taking into consideration the position requirements and appropriate market analysis

    Benefits include:

    Medical, dental, and vision coverage for qualifying employees (and their dependents) who work 30 or more standard hours per week, with strongly competitive biweekly premiums and out-of-pocket costs

    Short-term disability, long-term disability, and life insurance paid 100 percent by IFLM

    Retirement plan features with matching and pre-tax and Roth deferral options

    IFLMs' Stewardship Investment Plan grants an additional 3 percent of annual salary amount after the completion of three (3) years of employment. This amount is split—1.5% is given as additional taxable compensation and the other 1.5% given as a non-matching employer contribution to one’s IFLMs’ retirement account.

    Generous vacation, sick, and paid time off accruals

    Paid holidays as well as a birthday holiday

    Flexible work arrangements for those positions that qualify, which allow employees to balance life and ministry responsibilities

    Discounts on IFLM products

Employee Comments

Employee Karla

Working at IFLM gives me the opportunity to grow as a Christian as I translate resources from Pastor Swindoll into our Spanish language. I also have the privilege of interacting with radio listeners via e-mail or phone or sometimes in person and hearing their stories on how the broadcast is making an impact in their lives. And I get to work with wonderful co-workers who share the same passion, spreading the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.

—Karla, Spanish Ministries


Employee Aaron

I came to IFLM for a job and found a family. We enjoy each other, pray together, challenge each other to grow spiritually and professionally, and have one purpose as we uniquely contribute toward the same mission.

—Aaron, Searching the Scriptures Ministries


Employee Linda

I am grateful for the opportunity to work side-by-side with people who share my desire to provide hope and encouragement to others through our ministry and to know that we share a common commitment to be obedient to God’s Word, to serve others, and to do everything with excellence and forethought. In addition, leaders and teammates at IFLM provide an inclusive, family-like environment that lends encouragement and support to employees when times are great and when times are tough, thus ministering Christ’s love and support in a real and relevant manner.

—Linda, Communications and Engagement


Employee Joel

IFLM is a great place to work because of the great people we work with on a daily basis and the knowledge that what we do helps spread the message of Christ to the world. It’s truly a blessing.

—Joel, Living Bridge


Employee LaNita

Working at IFLM gave me the space to utilize my God-given gifts and talents to advance my heavenly Father’s kingdom. IFLM has given me the opportunity to grow as a Christian and spread the good news of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’ve found so much fulfillment in my job knowing that every day I’m doing the mission of my Father as a disciple and making a difference in the lives of others. I work alongside an amazing team who have literally been my family away from home. They are so loving, encouraging, unique, and fun. They’ve challenged me to grow both spiritually and professionally. I’ve found my purpose working at IFLM and look forward to the years ahead.

— LaNita, Data and Digital Strategies


Employee Emily

Working at IFLM is a beautiful picture of how the Holy Spirit can unify unique individuals with different gifts and talents to accomplish the same mission: the Great Commission. We each know that, ultimately, we are working for the Lord and His kingdom. The care and dedication each person brings to work because of the mission to spread the gospel is wonderful to see day in and day out. IFLM as a whole has great camaraderie; we work diligently, but we're also a community that is there for each other in prayer and encouragement for life's ups and downs. We're not just an organization, we're the body of Christ at work in Texas and around the globe.

— Emily, Human Resources


Employee Christie

I feel blessed to work for a company that spreads God’s Word all over the world. I have been able to grow spiritually through the relationships I have made with my coworkers. IFLM has given me lifelong friends. I immediately felt welcomed and a part of the IFLM family.

— Christie, Finance


Employee Tatiana

I love being part of the IFLM family. It has been a blessing to work, grow in my relationship with the Lord, and get to know wonderful people who genuinely care. I take this job as a blessing. During my time here, I have witnessed how we effortlessly spread words of hope and encouragement through many channels. I love the practical words from Pastor Chuck Swindoll!

— Tatiana, Spanish Ministries