February 23 - March 27, 2024

Revelation—Unveiling the End, Act 1: The Heavenly Stage

Join Pastor Chuck Swindoll for a deep-dive into the final book of the Bible, starting with his series, Revelation—Unveiling the End, Act 1: The Heavenly Stage.

While Revelation explains the end of the story, it also provides guidance and encouragement for your journey today. Gain a clearer understanding of this enigmatic book as Pastor Chuck walks you through each passage. Blending weighty truths along with uplifting takeaways, you’ll see Revelation like never before.

Like John on the island of Patmos, you’ll be left in awe of our great and sovereign Lord!

Additional resources

These helpful study notes provide a clear overview of Chuck's messages. Then they help you walk through the four pillars of study Chuck teaches: observation, interpretation, correlation, and application.

In a convenient PDF format, you can view the STS Studies online or print out a copy for yourself for future reference.

What's next

The Day Death Took a Hike

March 28, 2024

Jesus often did the unpredictable to accomplish the incredible.

Travel back with Pastor Chuck Swindoll to the scene of John 11 when Jesus intentionally let His friend Lazarus breathe his last so that He could call him back from death. After his deceased body lay for days in a tomb, Lazarus walked out at Jesus’ command!

It’s amazing how faith soars when death takes a hike. Revisit this astonishing New Testament account and celebrate your Lord who is the resurrection and the life!