February 20 - March 24, 2020

Wise Counsel for Troubled Times

Charting a course through the stormy, uncertain seas of our lives can be difficult. It’s impossible without a reliable compass, an accurate set of maps, and some sturdy examples of faith and courage.

In this series, Chuck Swindoll introduces you to many of these courageous and stronghearted individuals. With each message, Chuck invites you to look closely into their lives and discover how to carefully apply to your life what they learned about overcoming challenges. As you fasten yourself to the mainstay of God’s Word, you, too, will stay upright through whatever storms come your way.

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A Vision 195 Conversation with Chuck: Insight for Living Arabic 2020

March 25, 2020

In this special one-day broadcast, Chuck Swindoll talks with Charlie Costa, pastor of Insight for Living Arabic. From his office in Beirut, Lebanon, Charlie gives us a first-hand report on current events in the Middle East and new opportunities for ministry. Along with pastoring a church and overseeing outreach ministries, Charlie voices Insight for Living in Arabic (Nafitha Ala l’Hayat). Let this special broadcast stir your heart with inspiring stories of God’s grace transforming lives among Arabic-speaking people.