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An Interview with Noah Elias

Why does it seem like some people catch all the breaks while others face one challenge after another? Or why does success come to some while others struggle and strive just to make it through one more day? In fact, what does “success” look like to you . . . where you live, what you drive, where you go, who you know? The list seems endless to most of us, but according to the enormously successful artist, entrepreneur, and mentor, Noah Elias, the definition of success is thoroughly simple and life changing. If you are looking for direction, longing for fulfillment, losing hope, or lacking the joy you expected to have in life, you cannot miss this interview!

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Many people allow themselves to be defined by their successes or by their failures, hardships, deep hurts, or feelings of insignificance. Instead of accepting what God has allowed, we fight or fuss when things are difficult. Everyone has difficulties in life—everyone—some more than others, but the bottom line is, what are you choosing to do with what God is allowing in your life today? Are your circumstances controlling you, or are you taking the higher road—the path of altering your perspective and reframing your purpose and direction?

Hidden within every challenge is an incredible opportunity. Some struggles are enormous, but they are allowed for a purpose. Reframing Ministries is all about helping you discover God’s call on your life, deepening your soul with truth that sets you free, and directing you toward all God has planned for you to be in and through Him. Consider this: What would change in your life if you chose to reframe your current circumstances? Connect with us today, and we’ll walk with you through that process.

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About Noah Elias

Twenty-five years ago, Noah Elias started his art business selling door to door on a bike in Orange County, California. Now he runs his own studio, creating paintings and limited edition art for fine art prints, apparel, skate decks, and Vinylmation. Noah’s clients include Lexus, Toyota, Levi Strauss, Nordstrom, CBS Television, Fox TV, The Learning Channel, MTV, and others. He is an independent, licensed artist for Disney and works with personal collectors worldwide. Additionally, he has produced art for Craig T. Nelson, Val Kilmer, Barbra Streisand, Tom Cruise, Ted Danson, and others. Noah’s complete artwork collection can be found at his exclusive gallery in Costa Mesa, California, and at

Noah is most passionate about family, art, airbrushing, faith, productivity, travel, creativity, leadership, and autism. In addition, he writes to inspire and encourage those who share these interests in order to build a community of like-minded people who want to become better artists, creatives, parents, and business owners. Noah is the author of Speed Bumps: My Journey Using Life’s Challenges as Launching Pads. He also empowers other creatives, helping them harness their unique gifts to impact and influence their world through Noah also helps people discover their unique calling for kingdom impact through

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You can connect with Noah on his Web site, His books include:

Speed Bumps: My Journey Using Life’s Challenges as Launching Pads

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