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Few “grinds” in life are more nerve-racking and energy draining than those that result from financial irresponsibility. Many are the headaches and heartaches of being overextended. Great are the worries of those, for example, who continue to increase their indebtedness, spend impulsively, or loan money to others indiscriminately.

These words may sting your conscience if they describe your situation. What’s worse, they may describe where you have been off and on for as long as you can remember. It may not bring much comfort to know that you are not alone, but there is perhaps no more common problem among Americans than this one. So common is it that places of business must protect themselves from this phenomenon by operating under strict guidelines. All this reminds me of a sign that made me smile. It hangs in a Fort Lauderdale restaurant:


Another wag once described our economic times with these three definitions:

Recession: When the man next door loses his job
Depression: When you lose your job
Panic: When your wife loses her job

Many families today have reached the place where the wife’s working outside the home isn’t merely optional; it’s a necessity.

To the surprise of no one, Scripture’s statements about money are numerous. Long before Ben Franklin penned his wit and wisdom in Poor Richard’s Almanac, Solomon’s words offered wise counsel that was available for all to read. And when I attempted to categorize the teachings, I saw that Solomon’s sayings cover a broad spectrum of subjects, including getting money (earning and inheriting), releasing money (spending, squandering, loaning, and giving), investing money, saving money, and handling money wisely. The economic terms used in Scripture are many: money, wealth, riches, lending, borrowing, spending, giving, losing, silver, gold, plenty, abundance, want, poverty, and a half dozen others.

Having traced the subject of finances throughout Solomon’s sayings, I discovered six principles of money management. Over the next few days, we will examine each one and determine how to apply it to life today.

From Living the Proverbs by Charles R. Swindoll, copyright © 2012. Reprinted by permission of Worthy Inspired., an imprint of Hachette Book Group, Inc.

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