Who Speaks Arabic?

Who speaks Arabic?


That number represents the number of individuals who speak Arabic as their primary language. For missiologists, that number represents people living in cultures and countries that are very different than our own—most of whom have not yet heard and responded positively to the gospel. For that reason, teaching the truth of Scripture remains vitally important in the Middle East and other parts of the world where Arabic is spoken.

For a moment, instead of focusing on all those people represented by that huge number, I’d like to ask you to focus on just one person. One mom, singing her children to sleep . . . one dad, spending another day at the office . . . one grandparent pondering a legacy. Each of these people needs to know the same thing you and I need to know—that God loves them and in His grace, forgives them. Each and every one.

Insight for Living Arabic addresses the whole and the individual. Through our Arabic-language website, we have the capability of reaching all 420 million Arabic-speakers around the world. And through Charlie Costa, our pastor on the ground in Lebanon, we have the ability to reach one at a time!

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Tom Hayes

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