The Way

All children are unique. However, there are universal truths that apply to all people. We as parents always desire to be sensitive to the unique needs and personalities of our children, but we also want to ensure that they understand the particular, narrow road that all who claim belief in Christ should follow.

This road, or way, leads us to consider the early Christians, who were identified in the first century by the term "the Way" (Acts 24:14). This term comes, no doubt, from the early Christian teaching that Jesus was Himself "the way" (John 14:6). With this in mind, Christian parents will see the value of pointing their children down the narrow path of following Jesus—a path paved with stones of compassion, truth, kindness, and love. These universal qualities are qualities that we want to encourage in our children, no matter their particular personalities.

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John Adair

John Adair received his master of theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, where he also completed his Ph.D. in Historical Theology. He served for seven years as a writer in the Creative Ministries Department of Insight for Living Ministries. John and his wife, Laura, have three children.

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