Signs That Your Husband May Be Involved in Internet Sex

On the day you married your husband, you knew he was the man of your dreams—your knight in shining armor, your Prince Charming. And he made a promise to you that he’d remain faithful till death. But now, perhaps years after saying “I do” and having settled into the routine of life, you suspect he’s cheating on you, not necessarily with a real, flesh-and-blood woman but with a “virtual” woman or women. How can you be sure? Here are a few signs that your husband may be involved with Internet sex.

  1. Unexplained missing money or charges on your accounts, such as phone bill charges for 900 numbers and credit card charges for Internet sites
  2. Unexplained absences, strange excuses that seem untruthful, secrecy, known lies and deception that are simply dismissed when questioned
  3. Regular “alone” time with the computer, erased history files after he’s spent a long period of time on the Internet
  4. Manipulation and self-absorption, minimizing serious problems or explaining them away as being someone else’s fault, defensiveness when confronted
  5. Unusual absorption while watching illicit scenes in movies and/or an obsession with watching those types of movies
  6. Sexual demands of you at home, especially for behaviors that may be uncomfortable to you
  7. Emotional distance, lack of intimacy in your relationship 

If you suspect your husband of being involved in Internet sex, we encourage you to contact one of our biblical counselors at Insight for Living Ministries. You may contact our biblical counseling line at (469) 535-8397.

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