Peace on Earth . . . We Need It Now

In the latter half of the twentieth century and continuing through today, a rather significant push for peace has been made from many different corners of our world. People sickened by war, fed up with oppression, and weary of abuse have joined together in a fight against fighting. Ironically, many Christians—followers of the Prince of Peace—raise a skeptical eyebrow toward this embrace of peace rather than add an enthusiastic Christian voice to it. Luke 2:14 reminds us that peace on earth is a worthy goal—indeed, a godly one. If Christ came into the world to bring peace—which Luke indicates He did—a desire in humanity for peace is something to appreciate and honor as an evidence of God working in people. As we look forward to eternal life in the new heaven and new earth, we look forward to a life of peace with God and humanity. As citizens of that world to come, our work today—whether in our homes, our cities, or around the world—should be to live out and encourage the ideals of that world to come with every fiber of our beings. Remember the words of the heavenly host upon the birth of Jesus. Let the call for peace motivate your dealings with men and women everywhere.

Taken from John Adair, “Peace on Earth . . . We Need It Now,” Lesson Four, in God’s Masterwork, Volume Five: God with Us—A Survey of Matthew–Acts Learn Online. Copyright © 2012 Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

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John Adair

John Adair received his master of theology degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, where he also completed his Ph.D. in Historical Theology. He served for seven years as a writer in the Creative Ministries Department of Insight for Living Ministries. John and his wife, Laura, have three children.

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