Forgiveness has a curative power greater than any medicine.

Forgiveness eases the ache of remorse and soothes the wounds of bitterness. When we hear, “I forgive you,” from those we’ve offended, forgiveness releases the poison of bitterness. When we say, “I forgive you,” to those who’ve wounded us, forgiveness frees us from the bondage of resentment. Whether we hear or say the words . . . forgiveness heals.

With this two-message set, Chuck Swindoll helps you discover that truth firsthand. You can listen to both messages below or download the MP3s to listen to them later.

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Finding Healing Through Forgiveness series

Listen Now: Clearing Away the Trash We Regret

In “Clearing Away the Trash We Regret,” Chuck starts you on your healing journey with biblical guidelines for repentance that leads to hope and lasting restoration with God.

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Listen Now: Finding Healing Through Forgiveness

The second message, “Finding Healing Through Forgiveness,” offers key strategies from Matthew 5 and 18 for asking and offering forgiveness. As a moving illustration, Chuck’s wife, Cynthia, shares the scriptural principles of forgiveness that helped her find relief from her years of battling depression and anger. That healing stream of forgiveness awaits you too.

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