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Jesus: The Gift of God's Truth, Day 6

John 1:14–18; 8:31–32; 14:1–6

When people think of Christmas, they often picture a nativity set with carved figures of Mary and Joseph, shepherds, wise men, and a few farm animals serenely gazing at baby Jesus. For many folks, Christmas is about a baby in a manger, and that’s as far as their spiritual understanding goes.

However, Christmas is much more than the birth of a baby. It’s about who the baby is: the God of the universe in human flesh. And it’s about what He did: proclaim the kingdom of God, die to bear the sins of the world, and rise again to offer eternal life. The splendor of His identity and the significance of His mission comprise the wonder of the baby Jesus, the true glory of Christmas.

In this study, we’ll examine a statement Jesus made about His identity and mission, and we’ll reflect on the spiritual impact of Jesus’ life to add deeper meaning to Christmas.

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