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Jesus: The Gift of God's Truth, Day 4

John 1:14–18; 8:31–32; 14:1–6

Have people ever led you to believe something that wasn’t true? It happens frequently during the Christmas shopping season as advertisers glamorize their products to make a sale. Only after we buy the item do we realize we were duped by a slick sales pitch.

If only we had a truth-meter that would flash green when people were being honest and red when they were misleading us, then we’d know the real score. With this handy device, we could test the words of advertisers, politicians, commentators . . . anyone, and we’d never be hoodwinked again!

God never lies. It goes against His nature to lie, so it follows that when God became flesh, truth became flesh as well. Jesus was the embodiment of truth. If a truth-meter existed in the first century, anyone who tested Jesus’ words would have seen only green lights all the time!

We continue our Christmas series with three daily Bible studies on Jesus as the gift of God’s truth. As we open God’s Word, let’s prepare our hearts to receive the teaching of the Holy Spirit.

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