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Jesus: The Gift of God's Grace, Day 1

John 1:1, 14, 16–17; 8:3–11; 2 Corinthians 9:15

Every Christmas, millions of us go in search of the perfect gift for our loved ones. If the gift is just right, our loved ones open the package and say with a gasp, “It’s wonderful! Thank you!” as we beam with delight.

On the first Christmas, God gave the ultimate perfect gift to His loved ones—to all of us! He wrapped heaven’s treasure in the tiny, humble frame of a baby and, beaming with delight, gave us His only Son. On that night, like a proud father, God sent angels to deliver a heavenly birth announcement to some astonished shepherds, who rushed to see the baby born in an animal shelter and laid in a feeding trough as a makeshift crib (Luke 2:7).

And so, the first Christmas took place not in a cozy home around a brightly lit tree but in a pen with a few farm animals, some shepherds, and two exhausted parents gazing at the greatest gift anyone has ever received.

In this first of twelve daily Christmas studies based on four holiday messages by Chuck Swindoll, we’ll join the small gathering around the manger in their worship of Jesus Christ—God’s indescribable gift. We’ll look deeply into the child’s eyes, imagining the man Jesus, reflecting on His death and resurrection, and admiring four gifts that He offers us today—grace, truth, love, and hope.

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