Are you easy to live with?

Dear Friend:

The grace of our God makes us easier to live with.

I’m fully convinced of that! Once an open mind understands God’s grace, a soft heart receives God’s grace, and ready feet follow God’s grace . . . something happens that is truly supernatural.

Gratitude takes over and love reaches out.

You’ll begin to be less negative in the morning. Others can approach you even before you’ve had your coffee.

You try to remember to put the dirty dishes in the correct dishwasher rack without resenting being reminded yet again.

The dinner table becomes a place of pleasant conversation. No more silence from distant thoughts. Repetitive gripes about work or the kids cease. Passive put-downs are replaced with thoughtful “lift-ups.”

Our tendencies to control and to compare die down. Suddenly, others don’t have to fit the mold we’ve designed for them. The pressure we feel to measure up to some inauthentic image fades away. We can be who Christ made us to be.

Sure, I know it’s difficult. In fact, it’s hardest in the home. I realize how often we fail and how tough it can be to forgive. But Christ can truly make grace operational in us—not merely theoretical!

All of us at Insight for Living Ministries desire to be a constant voice of this good news of God’s grace. Each day, we deliberately direct people to His grace, encouraging them to live by it. Will you help us share this grace-message by sending us a generous donation this month? As a nonprofit, faith-based ministry, we depend upon the faithful prayers and gifts of our supporters. Any amount you entrust to us will further the mission.

Don’t give up on living by grace or blow it off as fanciful dreaming. It is truly a worthwhile lifestyle. In fact, it’s the only way to live!

Focused on extending grace,

Chuck SwindollPastor Charles R. Swindoll