Joyful Generosity

Dear Friend:

I suspect most Christians could use more joy in their lives. They don’t necessarily need to attend more church programs or to sign up for more Bible studies or to volunteer more hours serving their communities.

But I would say most Christians could use an extra measure of joy.

Stop and ask yourself, “Does it really help for me to be so serious all the time?”

With few smiles and little laughter, many act as if they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. At least, that’s what their faces are saying!

Now, seeking joy raises this question, “What can I GET to bring me joy?”

That’s the very perspective Jesus addressed with His immortal words:

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

Godly joy is something to be cultivated. Generous giving can do just that.

If we bear-hug all our stuff, then we express greed and fear—cultivating self-conceit, self-centeredness, and trembling insecurity.

But . . . if we open our hands, extend our arms, and release our possessions, then we express contented joy—cultivating peace and unshakable trust in Christ.

I hope you have made generosity a priority in your life. Toward your church . . . your friends and family . . . and those in ministry.

On that note, if you find Insight for Living Ministries helpful in growing your understanding of God’s Word and deepening your relationship with the Savior, I hope you will practice generosity with us. We strive to be generous by freely sharing all our best resources, and we leave it to you to be generous with us to help sustain our efforts. Not compulsively. But voluntarily, wholeheartedly, and cheerfully.

After all, cheerful givers are among those who catch God’s eye. He really loves hilarious givers!

Pursuing joyful generosity with you,

Chuck Swindoll

Pastor Charles R. Swindoll