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Soul-Searching during Supper

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Today's Devotional

Frozen by Fear

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Feed This to Your Soul

What if we spent as much effort feeding our soul as we do our body? This 30-day devotional gets you off to a great start as it combines Scripture, growth tips, and words from Pastor Chuck.

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prayer article
Earthquakes, Famine, War

Chaos is on the rise. Does that mean Jesus is coming soon? Our End Times page has resources to help you separate the solid truths of the Bible from knee-jerk reactions to current events.

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A Death He Signed Up For

The most grisly spectacle of the ancient world was to see someone crucified. It would horrify us today. But only when we face the facts of Jesus’ death can we fully appreciate the price He paid for us.

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Video Insight: Coming Alongside
Try, Try Again

What keeps you from trying something new and different? Afraid you’ll blow it and have to start over? Pastor Chuck Swindoll claims that may not be the worst outcome after all.

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