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When the God-Man Walked Among Us

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Today's Devotional

When You Grow Up

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Life is 10% resources
New Book from Chuck!

Everyone experiences hardships, but your actions write your story. This isn't your average self-help book. The wisdom in this book will improve your mental health and overall quality of life.

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Bible characters topical
God Was There for Them

Let the personalities of the Bible come alive for you on this page. Learn about the experiences they faced, the choices they made, and how the lessons they learned apply to your life.

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Letter from Chuck
Inspect Your Root System

For any tree, its life above ground depends upon health below ground. Its roots support the tree. Read Pastor Chuck’s thoughts on what kind of roots we all need to thrive spiritually.

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Gumption video
The Power of the Present

Facing a massive project ahead? Having a hard time getting started on it or sticking with it? Chuck Swindoll gives some supportive advice to help you keep plugging away at it.

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