February 18 - April 12, 2019

The Grace Awakening

Maybe you’ve known about grace all your life. You grew up with it. You heard about it in church. But maybe there’s more to God’s grace than you were taught. After all, believing in grace is one thing; living it is another.

In this classic series, Chuck Swindoll exhorts us to embrace grace. The messages in this series have inspired thousands of Christians to draw upon the spiritual abundance lying dormant in their lives. Yet many believers still haven’t fully awakened to the freedom grace brings. Don’t miss this chance to explore how God’s amazing grace can release you from the pressure to measure up and allow you to live in freedom.

These helpful study notes provide a clear overview of Chuck's messages. Then they help you walk through the four pillars of study Chuck teaches: observation, interpretation, correlation, and application.

In a convenient PDF format, you can view the STS Studies online or print out a copy for yourself for future reference.

The Grace Awakening

In these short videos, Chuck Swindoll and Michael Easley discuss the concepts of grace and legalism, what a "grace killer" is, and much more!

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What's next

A Vision 195 Conversation with Chuck: Insight for Living Russia

April 15, 2019

In this special one-day broadcast, Chuck Swindoll talks with Peter Mitskevich, pastor of Insight for Living Russia. Along with being the voice of the broadcast in Russian, Peter serves as pastor of Golgotha Baptist Church in Moscow and the president of Moscow Theological Seminary. The Russian broadcast began in 1998 on public radio across 11 time zones. That door has since closed, but the broadcast can still be heard over the Internet and shortwave through Trans World Radio.