Chuck Swindoll interviews Eric Metaxas


Watch Chuck Swindoll’s October 17 interview with Eric Metaxas about Eric’s new book Martin Luther.


Learn about the Reformation

Martin Luther statue

Passing the Torch of Freedom

These men started a blaze that would burn throughout Europe and radically change Christian practices and beliefs for centuries to come.

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He Was Luther’s Hero

Chuck Swindoll gives a shining example of how someone seen as being larger than life would have been nothing without his friend in the shadows.

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Martin Luther statue

Once Heretic, Now Hero

Visiting the land where Martin Luther made his strong stand for God's truth, Chuck Swindoll drew strength from Luther's bold convictions.

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Chuck Swindoll preaching

Listen Now: A Monk, A Door, A War, A Hymn

In his audio series Can One Person Make a Difference? Chuck Swindoll devoted one message to the greatest difference maker of the Reformation era. Pause at this portrait of Martin Luther and draw courage from his example of faith.

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