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Paws & Tales: The Animated Series®!

Introducing Paws & Tales: The Animated Series® based on the original radio drama, this new animated series takes kids into the exciting world of a group of friendly forest animals—C.J., Staci, Ned, Gooz, and Marsha—as they embark on a host of imaginative, fun-filled adventures in the vibrant community of Wildwood.

Paws & Tales engages kids—from preschool through early elementary-school ages—in stories that help them gain deeper biblical knowledge as they grow and look for God’s guidance in their daily lives. Each episode features original sing-along songs that make the core lesson fun and memorable. In addition, Paws & Tales provides parents with practical tools that help Establish, Equip, and Engage their children in ongoing spiritual formation . . . and transformation. Each story includes resources that encourage parents to help their kids dig deeper in their understanding and application of God’s principles.

“I am continually amazed at the impact a simple, carefully worded story can have on young lives,” says Insight for Living founder Chuck Swindoll. “Nothing quiets them more quickly or so completely captures their curiosity. Our hope and prayer is that every episode of Paws & Tales will provide families with more opportunities to discuss the really important things in life.”

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