Date Posted: September 10, 2021


Since 1979, Insight for Living Ministries (IFLM) has been committed to excellence in teaching the study and application of God’s Word. Pastor Chuck Swindoll and his wife, Cynthia, began the ministry by broadcasting Pastor Chuck’s Bible-teaching program, Insight for Living, on 18 stations. Today, the program airs on more than 2,000 stations, can be streamed through various online channels, and can be heard in 70 countries and eight languages.

We also produce quality Bible-study resources, have a dynamic online presence, provide pastoral counseling, and actively walk alongside listeners through life’s challenges. As a ministry, we’re committed to Vision 195, our strategic mission to pursue Jesus’ Great Commission by extending God’s grace and making disciples in all 195 countries and their 6,875 heart languages.

In addition to our international headquarters in Frisco, Texas, we currently have ministry offices in 10 countries, where our pastors translate resources, train church leaders to use Pastor Chuck’s Searching the Scriptures Bible-study methods, serve their communities, and pursue Vision 195 in their languages. When you join the IFLM family, you’ll become a part of a talented group of men and women uniquely gifted and called to help people around the world live with the lifechanging power of God’s Word.

Position Summary

Customer services representatives of IFLM minister to our constituents by providing world-class customer experiences over the phone as well as through processing donations in an accurate and timely manner. To ensure the best customer experiences, each representative must possess a positive attitude, a strong set of interpersonal skills, and an energetic heart for ministry. With a robust desire to support the mission of IFLM and Vision 195, Customer services representatives pray with constituents over the phone and ascertain their needs, recommending biblical resources to solve spiritual needs and cultivate spiritual disciplines. As strategic thinkers and self-starters, customer services representatives process incoming constituent mail, ensuring proper data entry and record-keeping.

Core Job Functions and Skills

Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills (20%)

  • Examines personal emotions and chooses appropriate emotional expressions
  • Identifies and responds biblically to others’ emotions
  • Intentionally and appropriately connects with constituents and coworkers
  • Carefully listens in order to accurately understand others’ needs (James 1:19)
  • Demonstrates humility, patience, kindness, compassion, and unity (Ephesians 4:2–3, 32)

Problem-Solving Skills (20%)

  • Identifies and solves problems proactively and resourcefully
  • Demonstrates personal ownership, follow-through, and accountability
  • Maintains a high sense of urgency leading to solutions and within given timelines
  • Exercises critical thinking and sound judgment

Professionalism (20%)

  • Communicates objectively and appropriately, always considering the context; when in doubt, consults leadership and/or Human Resources for assistance
  • Abides by the IFLM Employee Handbook and Customer Services Department policies and procedures
  • Arrives on time and communicates time-off requests appropriately
  • Monitors personal stress levels and takes appropriate steps for healthy resolution
  • Sets daily goals and exerts maximum effort to achieve them (Colossians 3:23)

Technical Skills (20%)

  • Understands and effectively uses job-related technology, including:
    1) computer/Internet, 2) DonorDirect and Studio Enterprise database, 3) RTL keying software, 4) Opex and RTL scanning software, 5) IFLM Web site, and 5) Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, etc.)
  • Follows procedures as trained and/or outlined in departmental documentation
  • Completes mail and phone batch process without errors, ensuring all details and basic math elements (addition, subtraction, etc.) are correct

Customer Service Philosophy (5%)

  • Listens carefully to identify needs
  • Verifies information for accuracy and understanding
  • Uses past experience and/or present context to anticipate and fulfill needs
  • Exercises empowerment and sound judgment to make choices, balancing constituent and organizational needs
  • Finds ways to fulfill constituent requests, even if personally inconvenient

Professional Development (5%)

  • Commits to the challenges of growth and development according to the Professional Development Plan
  • Pursues the designated knowledge and/or experience with a positive attitude
  • Completes assigned tasks with excellence and in a timely manner

Team Member Contribution (10%)

  • Models IFLM’s core values through daily conduct
  • Exerts initiative and drive to improve departmental and organizational operations
  • Owns problems, creates solutions, and maintains personal accountability for results

Position Specifications

Job Qualifications

  • Minimum two years’ experience in a customer-service position
  • One-to-two years’ completed college education preferred; experience with database software in lieu of the education considered
  • Passion for IFLM’s teaching, mission, and vision
  • Excellent communication skills on the phone, by e-mail, and in person
  • Strong relational skills with a high level of emotional intelligence
  • High attention to details and excellent organizational skills
  • Highest level of professionalism
  • Humility, a high level of flexibility, a positive attitude, and the ability to work well with others
  • Ability to learn and handle high volumes of information quickly and accurately
  • Ability to type 40+ words per minute
  • Previous call center experience preferred

*This is a full-time position on-site, Monday through Friday.