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Tools for Parents: August 2017

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August 5, Episode #47: The Story of Esther, Part 3—God Will Never Leave Those Who Trust Him

Haman's plan to kill all of the Jews is made into law, and no one—not even the king—can stop him. As Haman's pride swells, Esther is certain that God's plan for her life is "for such a time as this." God uses Esther in a mighty way and shows His sovereignty in a thrilling conclusion that is celebrated by Jews even today.
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“A Twilight Zone moment”

David Carl writes, "I grew up watching The Twilight Zone with my older brother. One of the stories followed a rather unsuccessful comic whose only wish was to make people laugh. Mysteriously, he suddenly received his wish. The irony of the situation came when he could no longer talk to anyone without making them laugh hysterically. His wish became his own personal source of unending torture." Read how Haman experiences his own "Twilight Zone moment" in this week's Director's Notes.


August 12, Episode #48: The Island of Ned—Two Are Better Than One

The new Wildwood library is nearly completed and Miss Harbor's class has been given the honor of making something to go on permanent display. Ned knows just the thing and sets off to create his masterpiece. But his foolish pride and anger put the project and his life in jeopardy! Can his friends save him from destruction?
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“Freedom in chains”

David Carl writes in this week's Director's Notes, "Leprosy is a strange and horrible disease. It attacks various parts of the body including the eyes and skin, but it attacks the nerves in a particularly insidious way leaving the victim without any sense of feeling in the affected area. This might not seem so terrible until you realize what happens when your body loses all input from the outside world. If you accidentally hit your hand against the sharp edge of the table you don't feel the pain. . . . Sin does much the same thing to us spiritually."


August 19, Episode #49: Grow Your Gifts—Exercising Your God-Given Gifts

"It's time for a spiritual workout!" C.J. and Gooz, each in their own way, try to use the gifts that God has given them. But when they meet some unexpected failures, they both vow to give up and never use them again! Find out how a little "gift exercise" will help keep you spiritually strong.
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“The art of salt and light”

David Carl writes in this week's Director's Notes, "This episode was inspired by Modern Art and the Death of a Culture by H. R. Rookmaaker. In this book, the author explains how art possesses meaning and communicates ideas in the minds of those exposed to it. The world has no reason to believe that one idea has more merit than another, and herein lies the problem. For disciples of Christ, there are some ideas that are not worthy of being exposed to. What we don't need is more poorly conceived, badly constructed art that we are expected to embrace merely because it was made by a believer. We need to encourage our kids to use art to say the things that our culture needs to hear but that very few are saying."


August 26, Episode #50: The Good Shepherd—Jesus Is the Good Shepherd

C.J. and Ned are shepherds for a day! Really, how tough can it be? But when wolves plan an attack, C.J. and Ned learn firsthand it's not as easy as it seems. Discover how our Good Shepherd cares for His sheep.
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“Spare the rod . . . "

It's been said that disciplining children is like dieting: we all know what to do, but it's a matter of actually doing it. And it doesn't help that there are countless approaches to behavior correction—isolation, alone time, spanking, loss of privileges, restriction, etc. Which one is best for your child only you can decide, but it's clear that some form of discipline is essential for raising decent human beings. If you strive to raise a godly child though, you might want to take some tips from how The Good Shepherd cares for His sheep. David Carl explains in this week's Director's Notes.


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