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Tools for Parents: September 2016

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September 1, Episode #27: The Gift—God Has Given Us Gifts

C.J. and Ned see Hugh and his gang committing a crime, and C.J. alerts the authorities. But Hugh discovers that C.J. turned him in and wants revenge! Now the club must protect one another from Hugh and his cronies. In his weakest moment, C.J. discovers he has a gift that could have come only from God.
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"Gift or curse?"

Have you ever received a gift that later became something of a curse? Many people play the lottery hoping a big win will provide them financial security and happiness. But various studies over the years show that unplanned windfalls can bring other complications, and winners typically experience no greater happiness than they had before their wins. Conversely, perhaps you have known someone whose disabilities or setbacks have become a true gift to them or to those who know them. This week David Carl explains how God can turn the unexpected things into wonderful gifts.


September 8, Episode #30: The Dedication—Being a Good Steward of God's Gifts

"The Fortress" is finally completed. But the club can't agree on what to use it for! Surprised by an uninvited "guest," the club must work together to discover the fortress's true purpose.
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"Hands off my stuff!"

Do you have a garage full of stuff you seldom use anymore? Most of us do. And yet if someone were to come by while your garage door was open and help himself to some of that stuff, you 'd pitch a fit, wouldn't you? What if God wanted something you didn't want to give up? David Carl explains why it is essential for us to have the proper focus on what is truly ours and on how God intends for us to use it.


September 15, Episode #31: Eye of the Tiger—Whatever We Do, We Should Do It for the Lord

Marsha goes head to head with spelling bee champ, Tiffany Rockler. When Tiffany shows her true colors, Marsha must decide if the championship is worth winning at any cost. It's a real D-I-L-E-M-M-A!
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"Outwit, outlast, sellout?"

So-called "reality TV" has become a cultural phenomenon with each network pumping out seemingly endless variations on the basic formula: game shows on steroids interrupted by soap operas. In the end they all ask the same question, "How far would you go to win something? Would you be ruthless? Would you lie? Would you cheat?" The questions are compelling, which explains the huge ratings these shows generate. In this week's Director's Notes, David Carl discusses the importance of properly defining the goal of a game—and it's not to win.


September 22, Episode #32: The Hire Principle—Putting Others First

When it seems that Tiffany can fire anyone who works for her father, she forces all of the kids of Mr. Rockler's employees to be her personal servants . . . or else. C.J. decides Tiffany must be stopped. But can he carry out his plan when he finds out who her next victim might be?
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"I'd like to thank the academy. . . ."

If you have ever seen an awards show, you have undoubtedly experienced the "thank-you" speeches of the winners. They can sometimes be a very moving experience when the winner demonstrates true humility and gratefulness to the countless others who helped him or her win the honor. The truth is, we would not think highly of an individual who bragged pridefully about doing it all alone. This week David Carl explains why humility is the fertile soil that bears invaluable fruit.


September 29, Episode #33: And Then There Were None—Serving One Another

When Miss Harbor teaches a lesson on King Arthur, The Club decides it should make up some rules of conduct, just like Arthur and his knights did. But instead of bringing peace, the club's rules threaten to divide them all.
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"Standing up on the inside"

You have no doubt heard the story of the strong-willed girl whose teacher called on her repeatedly to sit down at her desk. Finally, after much consternation on the part of the teacher, the girl took her seat. As the relieved teacher returned to the blackboard to continue the lesson, the girl softly muttered under her breath, "I may be sitting, but I'm standing up on the inside." In this week's Director's Notes David Carl writes, "We can force good behavior out of others, but it may very well be at the expense of their heart—and that is the very thing that God is interested in most."


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