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Tools for Parents: March 2019

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March 2, Episode #54: The Captain of My Destiny—We Should Let God Direct Our Plans

Staci welcomes a new arrival to Wildwood and her whole world is turned upside down! Eunice McGruff convinces Staci that if you want anything in this world, you have to make it happen for yourself. Staci likes what she hears, but is that what God tells us to do?
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"Treasure hunters"

David Carl writes, "There is a treasure out there for you. There's one for me too. So let's go get it. Why haven't you left yet? If you have any common sense, you're waiting for more information. Things like, what exactly is the treasure? Where is the treasure hidden? What will I need to take with me and what obstacles will I have to overcome? For some reason, this kind of good thinking rarely gets applied to spiritual things." Discover what tools spiritual treasure hunters need to be equipped with in this week's Director's Notes.


March 9, Episode #55: Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go—Desiring God's Best for Us

C.J. befriends a group of weak and pitiful creatures. He gets the surprise of his life when he discovers they don't want his help! Meanwhile, Tiffany learns that she has a terrible illness that can only be cured if she changes who she is from the inside out!
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David Carl writes, "There is a song made famous by the Eagles called 'Desperado.' In it there is a lyric that has haunted me since high school: 'You got to let somebody love you before it's too late.' This is why we need artists and poets in the world. This writer knew in his soul (even if he was not a believer) that letting somebody love you can be one of the most difficult and terrifying things a person can do. He also knew that until this is done, we are all desperate and incomplete." Learn about God's prescriptions for "real living" in this week's Director's Notes.


March 16, Episode #56: The Problem with Purity, Part 1—Sharing Jesus with Others in a Simple Way

Paw Paw Chuck and C.J. make a delivery to a local church in Pleasant Valley, a town that sounds like . . . well, a pleasant place to visit. But when the townspeople mockingly describe the members of "The Big White Church," it doesn't sound like any group of Christians Paw Paw Chuck and C.J. have ever heard of.
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"Legally pure"

David Carl writes, "Legalism is the conviction that our good behavior is the way to earn God's approval and acceptance. Legalism is deceptive because at first blush that is a statement that seems so true. Our behavior is indeed important to God; that is true. The lie is that our behavior, even our near-perfect behavior, will make God like us more. Our souls are broken beyond our ability to repair." Learn about the problem with pursuing legalism in this week's Director's Notes.


March 23, Episode #57: The Problem with Purity, Part 2—Being Pure in Heart

C.J. befriends Saint Merrion, a member of "The Big White Church." When she decides not to return to her strange church to spend every day of her life telling others about Jesus, C.J. helps Saint Merrion realize she has a lot to learn about the world she hopes to witness to. Together they discover that the purity of our heart is more important to God than just appearing to be godly on the outside.
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"A symbol of distraction"

David Carl writes, "The church building is a symbol of a place dedicated to worship and service to God. What a great symbol that is! However it is common for Christians to become so involved with their buildings and traditions that we exclude people who don't comply. We can easily show as much devotion to our symbols as we do to our God—and when we do that we are in serious trouble." Discover how something meant to remind us of God sometimes can distract us from Him in this week's Director's Notes.


March 30, Episode #58: The Truth about Truth—Learning to Love Truth

Staci makes a new friend who helps her understand that "truth speaks even when we don't want it to." That mysterious saying leads Staci to a discovery of how important it is to love the things God loves. Meanwhile C.J. has to face the truth himself when his new buddy reveals a dishonest streak!
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"The truth about truth"

It has been said that the crisis of our times is not that there are a growing number of people who refuse to believe in certain truths. It is that there are a growing number of people who deny that truth even exists. As we raise children to understand the truths of God's Word, how do we protect them from worldviews that are built on shaky foundations or people who would say all truth is subjective? In this week's Director's Notes, David Carl explains the spectrum of truth and how to avoid the extremes when teaching children the "truth about truth."


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