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Tools for Parents: January 2018

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January 6, Episode #59A: Shadow Valley, Part 1—The Promise of Sin Is a Lie

Paw Paw Chuck reveals the next chapter in the story of his life before coming to know Jesus. His reputation as Goliath grows as he viciously fights back bandits on Wild Mountain. But facing an ambush and certain death, he is given an offer too good to refuse: a chance to escape and be ruler over his own army in a place called "Shadow Valley"!
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January 13, Episode #59B: Shadow Valley, Part 2—God Is Always with Us

Goliath finds his way in the strange land he now rules! The story of how Paw Paw Chuck came to know Christ continues. This week, Goliath meets Ava, a crazy yet seemingly wise woman who lives in a tower in the castle. She tells Goliath something that could change his life, but can she be trusted?
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January 20, Episode #60A: Shadow Valley, Part 3—Showing Mercy

When an attempt to show mercy causes his enemies to rise up against him, King Goliath becomes a fugitive in his own land. His only hope of survival is to somehow escape from Shadow Valley!
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January 27, Episode #60B: Shadow Valley, Part 4—Accepting God's Forgiveness

Barely escaping from Shadow Valley alive, the feared grizzly once known as Goliath, tries to put his name and his past behind him. Weak and battered, “Chuck” relies on the help and healing of a kindly country preacher, Pastor Flint, and his daughter, Cindy. When bandits begin kidnapping children from surrounding villages, Chuck is called back into action. But will the shadow of his past keep him from facing his future?
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